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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:15:08 -0800
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All this talk of state rocks got me thinking,

Nevada should change its official mineral from silver to gold since it is
the top producer of U.S. gold by far accounting for well over 80%. Alaska
is in a distant second place with around 9%. Searchers have barely
scratched the surface when it comes to meteorite hunting here in Nevada
since you need a helicopter or some very serious four wheel drive to reach
most areas.

And some ask why I moved to Nevada from Washington? Beside brutal and
excessive taxation in Washington State, Nevada is largely unexplored and has
no income, inheritance, inventory, head or other outrageous taxes. There
are still signs stating, "Last chance for gas, nearest services over a
hundred miles." I have been to areas in Nevada where I have seen herds of
Antelope and wild horses running around. It was like being on a safari. I
have been to places where there are no signs of modern humans, the only
trash being lithic scatter from early man knapping out tools for survival.
You are almost guaranteed to find a meteorite with three major deserts in
the state and the most dry lake beds anywhere!

I am preparing a major expedition this Spring with a brand-new search team
that possesses the equipment to reach dry lake beds and other areas that
once required a helicopter to get to.

Introducing, two brand-new Custom Special Operation Rubicons that met for
the first time on Christmas day. We had to wait months for U.S. only made
parts to come out of backorder for the dealer to complete these two vehicles
designed for hot desert conditions:


Dialing in the equipment and computers. We had several rollover, tire
pressure, traction control and uphill/downhill assist alarms going off in
the computers. We had to reprogram shift points, tire pressure threshold
points and roll-over mitigation systems. By the end of the day, the
computers and most of the hardware was dialed in. They are almost ready for
prime-time meteorite and mineral hunting this Spring!

Roads, who needs roads?

Where are we? We have since learned how to use the multiple navigation
computers and install -18 db satellite antenna boosters. Getting lost when
following uncharted animal trails is no joke!

Three or four foot wash cliffs, no problem:

Nothing Rock-Trac, Tru-Lock Lockers, Dana Axels, Sway Bar disconnect and
traction control cant handle:

A bit of articulation thanks to lift kits and special suspensions:

Places that once took a helicopter to get to are now within our reach. Just
incase of an emergency or we are onto a hot find, there is a rooftop tent
with ladder and annex that can accommodate five people.

We will keep you up to date as the super hot desert Nevada expedition

Team Lunar Rock,

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