[meteorite-list] Appeal for help with University Interactive and outreach meteorite project.

From: Graham Ensor <graham.ensor_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:57:56 +0000
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Hi All,

I am thrilled to be involved in this exciting project and i hope it
inspires many others.

The British and Irish Meteorite Society are working with Dr Richard
Greenwood and others at the Open University in the UK to set up an an
educational interactive display about meteorites at the Manchester
Museum (and perhaps others in the future)

I have kicked things off and agreed to donate a lunar sample which
will be set up so that it is touchable and this is an appeal to
anybody else who might be interested in contributing/donating samples.
There is a limited budget for some purchases if anybody has anything
to offer...see the email from Richard below that outlines more info
the sort of things that would help.

Credit/acknowledgement will be given to any individuals who can contribute.

Graham Ensor


"As part of a project called ?Catch a Shooting Star? a group of us are
trying to build an interactive meteorite display at the Manchester
Museum. There is a recent post on my blog about our initial meeting in
Manchester entitled ?The Curious Case of the Vanishing Train? Here is
the link: www.meteoritestheblog.com

 We have, as you guessed it, a very limited budget to buy some
?touchable? meteorites. We are trying to source the following

 1. A nice uncut iron with a weight of about 8 kg

2. A cut and polished slice of an iron, say about 1 to 2 kg. It
needs to be fairly thick as it will be handled a lot by school groups

3. A large fusion crusted stone say 1 to 2 kg. We thought an
unclassified NWA would be fine.

4. A nice chondrite slice that shows good chondrule structure.

We are hoping that if this project goes well we will be able to go
back to the UK funding agency and increase the size of the project to
include other UK museums.

 Any help you can give us with this project would be really appreciated.

 Best wishes

Richard Greenwood

 Website: https://richardgreenwoodresearch.wordpress.com/
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