[meteorite-list] Do We Have Pieces of Pallas on Earth?

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Do We Have Pieces of Pallas on Earth?

By: Bob King | May 6, 2015

With all the excitement over the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto, it would
be easy to overlook the asteroid 2 Pallas. But if you did, you'd miss a
fine opportunity to observe an asteroid that, like Vesta, has delivered
pieces of itself to Earth as meteorites.

Pallas, discovered in March 1802, was originally considered a planet, as
were all the early asteroid discoveries. But by the mid-1800s, with 15
"new planets" on the roster and more in the offing, astronomers thought
it prudent to reclassify these small bodies as minor planets or
asteroids. Sound familiar?

With the discovery of large, Pluto-sized asteroids in the distant Kuiper
Belt beginning in 1992, Pluto suddenly had company, stirring the
International Astronomical Union to re-brand the planet and its ilk as
dwarf planets in August 2006.
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