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Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 07:50:50 -0400
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Hi Tracy,

As it turns out I know of two people who were contacted by a close friend of
Andy Weir's, and a customer of mine (name of client withheld for obvious
reasons). While I was up hunting a bolide sighting on the Florida/Georgia
line using radar return readings from Marc & Rob I was contacted by my
friend stating Andy was interested in a Martian meteorite. I told him I
would be back home in a week and would be happy to offer him a big piece at
a great price once back. During that time he also contacted Mike Farmer who
also had a nice large piece of Mars and he was able to fill Andy's request
quicker than me.

So, congratulations to Mike Farmer for providing Andy with a nice Martian

Best Regards,

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...for his book The Martian being turned into a movie was buy a chunk of
Martian meteorite. All right, which of you yahoos sold him a piece of Mars?
Seriously, this is yet another reason I love this hobby - we science the
shit out of it!

Tracy Latimer

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