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Incoming: Learning to love the meteorite
Geological Society of London lecture
Lecture by Dr Ted Nield given at the Geological Society
on 19 December 2012 as part of the 2012 Shell London
Lecture series.

"New research is suggesting that 470 million years ago, a
stupendous collision in the Asteroid Belt (whose debris is
still falling, to this very day) bombarded the Earth with
meteorites of all sizes. A revolutionary idea is emerging
that the resulting ecological disturbance may have been
responsible not only for massive worldwide submarine
landslides, but for the single greatest increase in biological
diversity since the origin of complex life -- the hitherto
unexplained Great Ordovician Biodiversity Event."

Lecture 2

Geology in Space: Meteorites and Cosmic Dust
Geological Society of London
Published on Aug 7, 2014
By Matt Genge, a planetary scientist and geologist
from Imperial College London

"Geology no longer is the study of the Earth. Rocks
are found throughout the universe on other planets,
asteroids and comets and as debris ranging in size
down to the tiniest pieces of stardust."

Lecture 3

The meaning of meteorites
Royal Astronomical Society Lecture
Published on March 24, 2015
by Dr Ted Nield, Geoscientist Magazine
Royal Astronomical Society public lecture, 10 February 2015

"Ted Nield surveys the ways impacts have influenced life
on Earth, and suggests that, as with ideas, meteorites have
'timeliness', because the effect of any single cause, in
human as in Earth history, is controlled largely by the
context in which it occurs."

The below lecture has nothing to do with meteorites.
It is just fun fossil hunting.

Fossils and Mud: A Jurassic Adventure?
Geological Society of London, London, Lecture June 2015
?by Neville Hollingworth,University of Birmingham?

"Having spent over 25 years wallowing around in mud,
Neville Hollingworth will introduce you to some of the
finer aspects of the Middle Jurassic of North Wiltshire
and South Gloucestershire. ?

?This lecture will be a pictorial tour of some quite unusual?
sites, digging techniques, notable characters and chance
discoveries that made the national news."


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