[meteorite-list] Geologist rates Cranbourne South strip a hotspot for scientific treasure trove of undiscovered meteorites

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Dear Listees,

This strewnfield is at my doorstep. I am convinced that the?
current 15 or so specimens that vary widely in size from 20kg?
to 1.5t are just the tip of the iceberg and that the really "big one"?
is still out there. The largest specimen that is on display in London?
was buried quite deep when it was found in 1850.
I have spent many days hunting in the area also with the aid of?
Dr. Andy Tomkins from Monash Uni. The problem is that it through?
farming in 150 years there are heaps of meteorwrongs (of which I?
got plenty) as well as?the fact that the area is getting?sub urbanized?
and certainly some meteorites are lost forever. ?But I am sure that?
there are meteorites to be found... If anyone is interested to tag?
along one day or discuss?please feel free to get in touch.?

Clem Unger
Mornington, Australia

Hello Listers

Lets go hunting guys :))))

Shawn Alan
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ebay store http://www.ebay.com/sch/imca1633ny/m.html
Website http://meteoritefalls.com?

Geologist rates Cranbourne South strip a hotspot for scientific treasure
trove of undiscovered meteorites

CRANBOURNE SOUTH landowners could be sitting on a goldmine of
undiscovered meteorites, a Devon Meadows geologist says.

Tom Kapitany believed it was only a matter of time before more
meteorites were unearthed as areas of Botanic Ridge were developed.

The Acacia estate, being built near the intersection of Browns and Craig
roads, was one of the hottest prospects for meteorites, Mr Kapitany

Any finds could be quite valuable ? scientifically and financially ?
for those lucky enough to dig them up, with prices ranging from
$3000-$5000 a kilogram.

?The area now being opened is the one closest to where the largest of
the dozen meteorites so far found came to Earth in a shower some time
before European settlement,? Mr Kapitany said.

?I would rate it as the hottest stretch along the line stretching
roughly from Pakenham to Pearcedale.

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