[meteorite-list] Ceres' Bright Spots Seen in Striking New Detail

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Hello All, Greg,

Shear vertical side walls?-----in my opinion, A collapsed carbon
dioxide(?) Caldera roof. Also, notice the straight "zipper" lines only
near the white spots---still spitting out? There are a few other
straight lines with no white spots--maybe not ready for release?
One common denominator---straight crevices= white spots.

Yes Greg---what were they thinking with no analyzer---OR why are
they not saying? I don't want to believe they failed with the ability
to figure this out.


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There is now a very close up high resolution of the bright spots in one
of the craters. Why are we still
in the dark as to the composition of the bright material? Does NASA
have a spectrometer on the craft. If so why can't they determine what
the white substance is composed of. If they do not have a spectrometer
on the craft.
..what were they thinking!!
Greg B.

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