[meteorite-list] Local to Las Vegas expert needed to rewiew a find.

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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 14:07:44 +0200
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I'd love to see a photo also, but I live in Philadelphia so I won't be seeing this in person. :-)
That aside,
I'm assuming from your post that this is a "chondrite" native to the USA, and not just another NWA.
I have about 25 NWA's undergoing classification now, and I have more I'd like to get classified but it is indeed hard to find a lab that will work on NWAs that look like obvious OCs. ?I think that is a mistake on their part, because there are so many unique things to be found in meteorites. ?
In my opinion, many labs would think differently about a "native" US chondrite, than an NWA chondrite. ?I do not think you will have trouble finding a home for it if it is a USA find. ?

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I am in contact with a Las Vegas resident who has, by all appearances fair-sized, fresh chondrite. If you are willing and able to inspect in person and get her stone into the system, please send me your contact information for forwarding. Pics on request.


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