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Thanks Ed for asking. I've been disabled for the last 5 weeks from an accident. I hope I'll be able to stand again soon. Walking might be a bit longer, and I hope for a complete recovery.

It wasn't caused by wrestling a 5 meter long gator attempting to rip a meteorite out of his jaws. He wasn't out prowling for gastroliths and I don't believe he had a cache of a new class of meteorites in his gizzards. I didn't have to outrun him at 80 kph across swamps, pinelands and through the palmettos. He never sunk his teeth into my juicy leg. I didn't even, have to use my GPS unit to prop open his jaws to withdraw my shredded leg. There was not a full row of his teeth ever embedded in my femur. Not particularly interesting TV material.

I'd enjoy writing a full length meteorite hunting fantasy sometime. Hope there will be no further opportunities to do it :-)

Kindest wishes

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Hi all -

I am just getting to my mail. How is Doug doing?
What the hell happened?

Since "Meteorite Men" feel to $#!t, (geoff, Brenheim steve?)
I have thought that a new meteorite show is needed.
Certainly the real life adventures of you meteorite hunters should interest viewers.

goo hunting, all,

BTW, as some very cheap used copies of "Man and Impact in the Americas" have been showing up on amazon,
some of you may wish to invest in them now.

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