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From: Ann Cain <Gfndit_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 00:10:48 +0000
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Anne Black,

I would really be careful about making statements that just aren?t true and are meant to belittle.

You sell meteorites. You deal meteorites. You provide a very good service for the world-wide meteorite community, but do you do the science of meteoritics? Do you know how to verify a meteorite? Can you classify a meteorite? Can you verify/prove the Parent Body for Achondrites?

I can. You will be proven wrong.

We?ve met. We talked for a while many years ago in Tucson. I was there in your temporary sales shop. The master technician who makes your high quality hand crafted double-polished meteorite thin-sections that you sell also made my thin-sections. He?s the best no doubt about it. I don?t want to see him stop his great craft. There?s not another like him. If it wasn?t for his brilliantly made thin-sections, I wouldn?t have made the US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery I made. His work allowed me to prove it. This world class technician knows. He knows.

All GSA and GSB Mars Meteorite thin-sections were made by this master technician. As a result, not only was I able to prove previously the megascopic on-site evidence in the field proving meteoritic origin, and the megascopic evidence proving, fusion crust, orientation, regmaglypts, drip-lines, melt accumulate etc., but due to these well-crafted hand polished thin-sections I was able to prove the microscopic evidence of impact shock metamorphism at the mineral grain level: undulose extinction, planar fractures, planar deformation features (PDFs), decorative PDFs, shock melt veins and pockets, mosaicism, Plagioclase ---> Maskelynite, and Quartz ---> Coesite ---> Stishovite, high bi-refrigence, thetomorphs ---> incipient vaporization ---> vesicles and round vesicles, impact shock melt (localized), impact shock imbedded grains or blebs of metals, Fe-oxides or Goethite, minerals, or globules from the original impactor, and micro impact shock effects within opaque Fe-oxide grains (which I?m in the process of stud
ying and which seems to be an in-described phenomenon and very unique.) The identified shock stage for GSA is (S4) and GSB is (S5). All this proves they are meteorites.

Also these high quality hand polished thin-sections have resulted in a new discovery in terms of impact-shock metamorphism effects on FeO grains within Mars meteorites at the microscopic level. When all is said and done, this new microscopic opaque FeO grain impact-shock metamorphism effect will have to be named after myself and this world class thin-section technician, and it should be called ? ___________ - _______ pattern.? I discovered these opaque standing in positive relief Ni enriched lamellae within the FeO grains only as a result of these high quality hand polished thin-sections. Without these well-made thin-sections I wouldn?t have been able to see these patterns. Once I discovered them, then I called and asked the thin section technician to look, and he found them too. This effect, this pattern in micro-grains of FeOs are not Widmanstatten pattern. They are not Martinization. This is a new Mars meteoritic effect/pattern due to impact-shock metamorphism within opaque grains of FeOs.


In addition, with these very high quality double polished thin-sections, it is possible the do optical mineralogy and using the results from whole rock oxide analysis for bulk FeO/MnO ration vs. % Anorthite, using the Michel-Levy Method (an optical mineralogy method), the Parent Body can be determined between Mars, Earth, Asteroid 4 Vesta, Moon, and Angrites. The Parent Body is Mars.

Then the geochemistry evidence comes from the whole rock oxide analysis data from private industry company that is very professional, well respected, and a very well-known lab used by many University geology departments. From this data the igneous rock classification can be made, as well as many of the tests that verify/prove the Parent Body origin of the Achondrite meteorite. The results of all the following 8 tests prove the Parent Body is Mars: bulk FeO/MnO ration vs. % Anorthite using the Michel-Levy Method (an optical mineralogy method), Mg/Si (wt. ratio) vs. Al/Si (wt. ratio), ppm K vs. ppm La graph, K/La vs. La (ppm) graph, MnO (wt.%) vs. FeO (wt.%) graph, K2O (wt.%) vs. La (ppm) graph, Cr (ppm) vs. Mg # graph; GSA/vfcl, GSB/vfcl, vfcl vs. REE (g/t) proves GSA and GSB match the same PB. Together all of these tests verify/prove the Parent Body is Mars.

GSA and GSB are 2 key type sample representative specimens from the meteorite discovery site. All the other 1000s of fragments are from the same meteorite fall event and discovery site footprint. Some of these fragments are bigger in mass than the famous Zagami Mars meteorite.



They are what they are, Mars meteorites. The US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery is a reality. The World-wide meteoritics community better start getting used to the idea.

Glyn Howard

Recall: Both my sister Ann Cain (who opened the email account) and I, Glyn Howard, use the same email account:
Ann Cain, Glyn Howard

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So many pictures, explanations, graphs, ....... so much wasted time and energy.
And not one single Martin meteorite in sight!!!

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com

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eleased at that time in addition.>>> Rosh Hashanah 5777 AD/CE should be a good year of blessings, and I?m looking> forward to a new U.S. administration.>>>> Shalom,>>> Glyn Howard>>>>>> The Gallery of US World Record Mars Meteorite specimens:> http://gfoundit-mars.com/GalleryOfImages.html>>> The Evidence for GSA and GSB Mars Meteorites and Relevant Essays and> Articles> http://gfoundit-mars.com/TheEvidence.html>>> The Evidence - G Found It - US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery> http://www.einpresswire.com/article/225047567/the-evidence-g-found-it-us-world-record-mars-meteorite-discovery>>> G Found It - U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery> http://www.gfoundit-mars.com/>>> G Found It ? U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery> http://www.einpresswire.com/article/143477981/g-found-it-u-s-world-record-mars-meteorite-discovery>>>>>> Recall: Both my sister Ann Cain (who opened the email account) and I, Glyn> Howard, use the same email account ?> Ann Cain, Glyn Howard> gfndit(at)hotmail.com>>>> ______
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