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Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2016 16:33:04 -0400
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Hello Andries and all infrequent posters especially,

For what it's worth, based on my email program, upon receiving a post:

1. You probably can reply in private to a poster by simply opening the individual post in your email program and clicking reply. If you are set up on the list to receive daily consolidated posts that obviously won't work.

2. You probably can reply to both the original poster's private email and at the same time get the message copied to the 1700-member list by clicking on the "reply all" or equivalent in your email program.

Be smart to be especially careful when you intend to reply in private to verify, especially during the heat of the moment or when you are drowsy. Hold the trigger click and carefully review the addresses in the To:, cc:, and bcc: fields in your email.

This is good practice everywhere. It can avoid embarrassing situations of personal emails being sent to everyone worldwide. It also avoids being forced to post your own email address just to get a reply. Since it goes into the online Google-searchable archives it could cause spammers to get it and misuse it.

Note: This is how my browser works with replying. You can test your own browser to see if you get the same results, by experimenting with the reply and reply all functions of your individual browser. I have not seen this described elsewhere so I am adding it to help those who don't post often, just for a helpful 2 centavos and to make sure you don't accidentally post private messages in violation of already very generous list policies, that on a personal level are going to follow Murphy's Law in that the one time you drop your attention and care, that will certainly be the one message you feel bad about posting.

Andries, I have typed your email in the Bcc: (blind carbon copy) field of this reply. Probably this is the best way to reply when you want to post as well as make the original sender(s) on a thread get duplicate private messages to the post to alert someone privately that you'd especially like them to see the post you are making. You preserve their privacy in this way from spambots that mine data, especially if they are not interested in advertising with their email address.

Kindest wishes

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Hi Matteo,

I do not see your email adress...can you contact me at andriesamber at live.nl for weight and prices of the Castiglione del Lago specimens?

Best regards, Andries?

Verzonden vanaf mijn Samsung-apparaat

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I want inform I have for sale few slices of this meteorite under vacuum resin seen the high problems of rust of this meteorite, for who want the slice without resin, this is possible take off withthinners for resin


For info write to me



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