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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 14:31:40 -0500
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I am sure that nearly everyone in America and the World, unless they're a really far rightwing Obama hating conservative, reads the FULL Name, "Barrack Hussein Obama" that it means they're using Barrack and Hussein, as "Key Names" as in "Hot Button" issue names, since it makes the dense slow to respond folks think somethings along the lines of; ( you mean that black Kenyan Muslim President that got the slippery route into office.
I'm sure Adam didn't mean for it to sound that way, but what he copied and pasted was written to stir up that hatred and bigotry against Obama.

I know there's always the comeback of the republican candidates such as Rafael Edwardo Cruz, to make him sound Really Hispanic and Cuban, but democrats and the media aren't using that full given name, just Ted.

I think simply the name "Obama" lets everyone in the World know whom someone is talking about.

I think it's a great idea to preserve land, we don't need anymore lame suburbs with the same street names throughout like Buena Vista or Peachtree, except with Street on one, Drive on the connecting street, Lane on the next street and Terrace on the one 3 blocks over.

Ted Turner and another intelligent few bought up all the land they could to preserve the beauty between Denver and Colorado Springs, to keep that area from becoming one GIANT tract housing subdivision.



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