[meteorite-list] President Obama Places Over 265 Million Acres Of Land Off-limits

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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 17:59:25 -0500
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I do agree that the government is terrible at administering anything,
be it a local neighborhood dog park or a national forest. BLM rules
are a mess and the enforcement is inconsistent at best.

But, one thing to remember is that government officials do not come
from another galaxy and force their way into Congress. They are the
cream of the private sector crop and we put them there. If government
sucks, it's because we keep electing people who suck. Worse, 99% of
the the choices we get to choose from also suck to roughly equal

What do we expect when we let a bunch of CEO's, lobbyists, hedge
funders, washed out lawyers, and ego-tripped doctors run the
government? And we get a selection of idiots to pick from every four
years - some of those idiots have Ivy League credentials, and some do
not, but they all suck.

Until the masses demand competent candidates based on merit and not
charismatic fools with deep pockets, we will keep getting the same
treatment every four years.

I don't care if the president or our congresspeople are black, white,
male, female, religious, atheist, socialist, libertarian, gay,
straight, or whatever. But, I think we should demand competence.
Congressmen which no knowledge of science should not sit on committees
responsible for funding scientific projects. Presidents or congressmen
with no war-fighting experience should not be starting wars, etc. And,
by extension, BLM rangers and officials should not be making or
enforcing the rules of land management unless they have some degree of
expertise in the academic/scientific/engineering or field aspects of
the resources they govern.

So, back to meteorites and rockhounding - this is what happens when we
elect people to oversee resource-rich lands who no background or
interest in geology, forestry, or related fields. The rank and file
BLM field rangers might know their business, but they do not know the
intricacies of the entire body of federal regulations that they are
trying to interpret and enforce. The bureaucrats at the top of the
chain are so far removed from the field, that they have no expertise
with rocks, minerals, or natural resources - they are a bunch of
former lobbyists, white collars, and people who have never had their
hands dirty.

That's my two cents, actual worth may vary widely. ;)

PS - I do not think Adam intended his post as racist or Islamophobic.
People are getting a little too touchy these days. But, there is a lot
of bigotry out there, so those are the days we live in and sometimes
appearances matter more than substance. We have to be careful about
what we say, where, and how we say it - and, how other people might
interpret what we say or play semantics with our words. It sucks, but
that's how it is.


Best regards and happy huntings,


On 2/12/16, Raremeteorites via Meteorite-list
<meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
> Where I grew up in the Northwest, if a person is angry or disgusted, they
> use the person's entire name to emphasize a point. I knew there was trouble
> when my mother called out to me, "Adam Charles Hupe, What have you done?"
> instead of just, "Adam." People are far too sensitive these days. I do
> not like it when a politician of any sort makes unilateral decisions without
> public input.
> Rock hounding used to be considered a healthy pursuit. Now a huge corridor
> is completely off limits practically in my back yard here in the Mohave
> Desert.
> Best,
> Adam
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