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Yes, these National Monuments sound good for a few peoples legacies and egos
but it is not what our founding fathers intended. For all practical
purposes, since you can no longer go off trail with an off-road vehicle, 99%
of this land is no longer accessible for recreational pursuits. I was just
out rock hounding on this land a few weeks ago on my way to Quartzsite, AZ
with my stepson and some friends. Now this area is no longer available
since it would require the illegal use of a four wheel drive vehicle to get
to and it is now illegal to pick up near-worthless thunder eggs and geodes,
not to mention if we were lucky enough to find a meteorite.

Another concern is that there are tens of thousands of homeless people
living along the Mohave Corridor that has now been nationalized. We had to
weave in and out of off-the-gird campsites that many people now call their
homes since they lost their houses and need somewhere warm to stay for the
winter. To be frank, it looked like a scene from Mad Max movie set and it
is hard to believe we were not in some third world country. Where are they
to go now that this land has been nationalized?

At this accelerated rate, I believe all land will be off-limits, for all
purposes, in less than a decade, unless you are willing to be herded like
cattle on paved roads through National Monuments.


  four by four,
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> It seems as if any president who thought of this idea, or had it
> suggested to them, would do this under any circumstances, practically
> speaking, That is. It's a publicity activity, wherein families who go
> on trips to the national parks recall that individual who "protected"
> them in a positive light. Unfortunately, forbidding the collection of
> mineral specimens, and thereby upsetting those who might enjoy
> collecting as a hobby, or practice it as a line of work, seems to
> require little consideration as a "trade off". That is to say, the ire
> drawn by the policy, the ideology as seen by these people can be
> predicted to be of virtually no consequence with a great deal of
> certainty; and I am not saying that this particular action should be
> "of consequence", even if the action is wrong, incorrect, actually
> bizarre if "traditional" or "accepted", but that one should think it's
> a shame if there isn't more thought put into how land is protected by
> the federal government, in what specific capacities, and to what
> effect.
> -Peter Richards
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