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Hi Larry, Mike, and List,

Florida had a rainy winter (as Larry's kinfolk down here will tell
you) and many of the rivers were too high for fossil hunting because
we didn't get our usual dry season in 2015. During drier years, a lot
of land is searchable. But, during wet periods (like the last 2+
years) the swamps spread out, trails go under water, and some areas
that would be searchable are under 2+ feet of water. Only to dry out
completely a couple of years later for a few months before going under
yet again.

I am house-sitting for someone, so I can't go chase this one now. But
I am rooting for you folks in the field. Depending on what happens, I
might jump in the truck and head up that way in a couple of weeks.
Does this look like it was a big fall, with many many stones, or does
it look like a smaller fall? Just curious, because even though Florida
is hostile to meteorites, they will still be findable later with a
metal detector (possibly). They might be rusty and ugly as heck (and
possibly buried under sediment), but they will still be

If I don't find any, then it's a good excuse to go hiking in new places. :)

For anyone thinking about hunting this fall - make damn sure you have
permission to step on private property. People in rural Florida are
usually armed and Florida's "stand your ground" law means they can
shoot first and ask questions later if you are on their property. One
should always ask for permission regardless of where you are at, but
Florida is particularly trigger-happy. (We can also be very nice as
well, as you have seen.)

Best regards and happy huntings,


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> Congratulations Larry and meteorite crew!!
> That is awesome!
>  Moni
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>> Subject: [meteorite-list] Osceola/Lake City Florida
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>> Hello List,
>> I'm happy to announce the recovery of the January 24 event over northern
>> Florida.  For the complete story, please go to
>> http://www.mikesastrophotos.com/comets/osceola-meteorite-recovery/
>> Enjoy!
>> Sincerely,
>> Larry Atkins
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