[meteorite-list] 2nd recovered U.S. fall of 2016

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Congratulations both to Rob and to the intrepid discoverer(s) of this event! Can't wait till the exciting story is further revealed. I have a hunch for no particular reason that this meteorite and the circumstances of recovery will be extra-special (as all are)! Cheers,

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[Resending from a different account since the first attempt has not
shown up. Apologies if this turns out to be a repeat...]

Hi All,

Just want to report that the west Texas bolide that occurred one week
ago on the evening of 17 February 2016 is officially a fall: the second
successful radar-enabled recovery of 2016 (following Osceola, Florida)
as well as Texas' second Doppler-cued recovery (the first of course
being Ash Creek almost exactly seven years ago). Congratulations to
the persistent meteorite recovery team who walked the many miles to
make this another success story! --Rob


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