[meteorite-list] Mining Asteroids

From: ian macleod <ianmacca81_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 06:38:49 +0000
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Hi List, I love the romantic idea that asteroids will be mined one day. However considering that on Earth whole terrestrial?mines are shut down that contain ore or oil cheaper to?obtain than sending a space x rocket and crew (or robot) to an asteroid. I hardly think mining asteroids will eventuate anytime soon.

Even if we used space x re-usable rockets....... It just would not be cost effective at the moment!

Mining water or low scale mining as we explore space might be the first step, this saves a re-fuelling or a?water trip.

look at China and the world markets, massive slowing down (and disappearing) ?of capital.........

-Apple just lost like 20% or so, that equivalent to the size of Pepsi in $
-China down at least 3 trillion!
-Australia down 40 billion at least
-Oil companies writing off reserves that cannot or?will not?be explored within 5 years (and this stuff is cheap compared to asteroid mining)

So in all REALITY it is just a pipe dream for now


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