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This is absolute hogwash.

I have no background in academia, no academic credentials, and before
meteorites, I cut trees for a living.

I did not know anyone, I did not know the rules, I was a total
newcomer back in 2007.

I was embraced with open arms, despite the fact that I came across as
abrasive and cocky.

Multiple scientists have been very nice and accommodating to me. They
have looked at some of my specimens that I submitted, and one of them
was classified as an LL3.6 - at no cost to me other than postage.

There are no conspiracies to keep newcomers out or to silence their
discoveries. If that was true, then I wouldn't be here right now.

Shut your foolish mouth before and take this load of tin-foil-hat
conspiracy shit to Alex Jones - where bullshit is appreciated and
spread widely.

Or, get together with Goran Lindfors and Steve Curry and have a circle
jerk - you are wasting your time here.

Yes, I know, I just went on your conspiracy list. I am a lizard man
from the Pleiades and I eat babies in the name of Satan.

On 1/15/16, Ann Cain via Meteorite-list
<meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
> Meteorite List,
> Recall:
> Both my sister Ann Cain (who opened the email account) and I, Glyn Howard,
> use the same email account:
> Ann Cain, Glyn Howard
> gfndit(at)hotmail.com
> This has been a long time coming ... for many years now I have been a reader
> of the Meteorite List.
> I know this discovery sounds Wow! Unbelievable. Surreal. Pick your
> adjective. But it is what is is. All the physical empirical evidences prove
> it. I'm not in fear of re-confirmation. I welcome it. I know what it is.
> It's all repeatable (empirical).
> I appreciate well-known PhD members from the Meteorite List who have
> contacted me off-line. I will respond. Please give me time.
> The evidence for the typical Mars meteorite key type specimens for this
> discovery:
> GSA and GSB
> http://gfoundit-mars.com/TheEvidence.html
> http://gfoundit-mars.com/TheEvidenceGSA.html
> http://gfoundit-mars.com/TheEvidenceGSB.html
> The Gallery of US World Record Mars Meteorite specimens:
> http://gfoundit-mars.com/GalleryOfImages.html
> I will be putting-up/finishing the gallery of World Record Mars meteorite
> specimens by this Passover.
> I do not want to hurt anyone's professional reputation. I'm not a mean or
> vengeful person. The full complete back story and certain people's
> identities will remain private. Just know there is a private history in the
> background of this incredible discovery and full story. Several very well
> known PhDs at Universities in the meteoritics community, who are meteorite
> analysts, members of the Meteoritcal Society, and perhaps at times over the
> years have even posted here on the Meteorite List, have held some of these
> specimens in their hands, have done tests. They know. I knew they were
> meteorites before I came to them. I knew that they were achondrites.
> However, at the time I couldn't prove the parent body. I didn't know how.
> The moment I wasn't willing to share or reveal the discovery site is the
> moment the road-blocks, the walls, the disinformation began toward me.
> (Extrusive igneous Dacite, an evolved lava, is not a sedimentary rock! Lol.)
> We've seen this kind of behavior in the meteoritcs community before. It's
> nothing new, sadly. This is a dark history of the meteoritics world
> unfortunately. How many very rare important discoveries have been lost to
> the world of science and to mankind because those in research and academia
> have played unethical games of gate-keeping and have refused to just do
> their job and just do pure science and do the analysis honestly and
> ethically without games, without gate-keeping, without attempting to wrestle
> from the discoverer the original discovery site? The discoverer has a right
> to withhold the discovery site to guard their discovery and its full value,
> and to protect it. How many people over the many years couldn't persevere
> against this wall, this unethical gate-keeping because they didn't have the
> prerequisite skills or knowledge and they weren't able to realize that they
> were lied to or purposefully fed disinformation, and as a result had to walk
> away and give up, with an incredible treasure of scientific knowledge and
> wealth in their hand? It could of been very different. It could have been a
> very cooperative process of discovery for everyone.
> The original discoverer has rights. I've said it before , and I'll keep
> saying it ...
> It takes discoverers to make scientific discoveries. Doing science and
> making scientific discoveries is not a crime. There is a right to protect
> discoveries and intellectual property.
> "Contrary to their public image, scientists are normal, flawed human beings.
> They are as capable of prejudice, covetousness, pride, deceitfulness, etc.,
> as anyone."
> -- David Weatherall, "Conduct Unbecoming," American Scientist (Vol.93,
> January-February 2005), p.73
> http://www.americanscientist.org/bookshelf/pub/conduct-unbecoming
> As it turns out I'm rather glad it happened the way it did. Nothing like
> purposeful road-blocks, gate-keeping, and disinformation thrown at me to
> motivate me to learn to how to do it myself. As the old adage goes, if you
> want something done right you have to do it yourself. The Earth Sciences
> are my background. I have the prerequisite skills. It took time but I did
> it. I'm still learning. I never stop learning. I didn't do it in a vacuum. I
> had much help and assistance along the way, from very good, professional
> scientists and technicians who were very ethical and very knowledgeable and
> very helpful, and then they did their assigned jobs very professionally and
> willingly. One day when the story can be told completely in detail I will
> certainly call out personally all those who helped me. The others who
> didn't, I will anonymously thank for motivating me to learn meteoritics and
> to learn to do it on my own. I have enjoyed the scientific process
> immensely. Much more to come. And I can prove what I know.
> Why when making the discovery of meteorites in the field, why then give away
> the scientific analysis and identification process to another? Why not learn
> how to do it for yourself so that your knowledge of the science of
> meteoritics increases? Why give away that joy of this discovery process?
> Sure I understand that many can't do it or perhaps they aren't interested in
> the whole scientific process, but I am. Why not go after the full credit for
> the full discovery -- from the field, to the lab, all the way to the
> publication? Sure there are tests I cannot do, others will do these tests
> afterwards. However, it doesn't change the fact that I made this WR
> meteorite field discovery, and in the lab I proved they are meteorites,
> proved the petrology, and then proved the Parent Body of origin for this
> achondrite meteorite find. The PB is Mars. I was able to prove all of this
> first. Others will re-confirm second. And others will go much further
> thereafter. There is an incredible amount of pure science about Mars to
> learn from this full discovery. I would like to be intimately involved in
> that with my full discovery. I'm sure this US World Record Mars Meteorite
> Discovery will make many careers for many scientists for a long time to
> come. NASA Houston Space Command will have to add another adjacent building
> to Building 31, or at least expand, just to store the new Mars material. I
> have no doubt about that.
> If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it or witness the
> event ... guess what it still fell! The event still happened and made a
> sound. Likewise the discovery of and the science of meteorites (meteoritics)
> still takes place outside of the formal controlling walls of The
> Meteoritical Society and official publication in The Bulletin. There will be
> time for that down the road.
> When a World Record discovery occurs on this level, you do not give the keys
> away to the discovery. I have a right to guard my discovery and its full
> value to help the greatest number of people. It is possible to make
> incredible discoveries, do incredible and exciting science, and achieve
> social justice for many many people all at the same time. It's the right
> thing to do. I intend to do just that. There is a reason this discovery was
> given to me to make. Tikkun olam. Baruch HaShem.
> Glyn Howard
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