[meteorite-list] Lake Eyre meteorite 'Crown property', researchers required to hand findings over

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I think there should be no regulations whatsoever on meteorite recoveries
from public land. The old system of 20% or 20 grams has worked fine for
decades and it is not a law. Australia used to be the number one producer
of meteorites during the 80's. Now look where they are.

The U.S. government was required by our forefathers to issue land patents to
mining claims for over a century. They no longer honor this use of public
land and have not issued patents since the 1990s. Now meteorite recoveries
are being regulated too. They are even placing restrictions on private land
owners when it comes to recovering gold and other minerals. It will not be
long that meteorites "fall" into this bureaucratic trap. I am only
allowed to use 1,800 gallons of water a day to process gold or else to go to
the dry wash system that prospectors hate and are only allowed to use on
public claims in the area. As a private land owner, I am not even allowed
to use pond water to process gold without a class B permit and file water
use reports even though this water would simply evaporate. I will be forced
to use a recirculation type system limiting gold production to less than 20
ounces a day unless I am fortunate enough to find some big nuggets with a
Minelab metal detector like some old timers are using these days. The only
thing that makes it worth while is that my property is located in the middle
of the hottest placer nugget producing area in the state, just meters away
from the famous Poker Brown gold mine. Placer nuggets weighing several
pounds have been found nearby and were only discovered since the 1980s.
These large nuggets are rarely reported since it could result in more
restrictions. A straw buyer for the Chinese wants to survey my property.
They claimed my property is not fenced therefore they can take samples due
to open range laws. I told them to stay the hell off my property. I have
some old-timers keeping any eye out to make sure somebody doesn't mistake my
property for public land which is all claimed up in the area. I may have
to install an electric fence since the government is doing nothing to
protect private landowners rights. They are too busy wasting time
regulating public lands.

Good luck hunting while you still can,

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> Hey Galactic Stone, why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel? ;-)
> Did this line in that article hit you too close to home:
> "Professor Bland said he suspects there are amateur astronomers who are
> frustrated by legislation requiring them to hand back their discoveries
> from outer space."
> I find the phrase "hand back" interesting. If you accept that this
> meteorite was "stolen from the Queen", then
> the only legal recourse for Professor Bland is for him to take that
> meteorite back out to the Queen's Outback and
> shove it back into that muddy hole from which it was purloined. If you
> want it so bad, you know where it is?
> I think this would be a great opportunity for a group discussion comparing
> the Queen's "policies" relating to how
> meteorite finds are handled in Australia vs. Canada vs. England vs. U.S.
> public lands.
> Personally, I vote that the U.S. adopt the "policy" version that the
> Canadian's enforce. It's proven that it works!
> Galactic Stone is right. It's time to refute the insane rhetoric that a
> recently fallen meteorite is an "artifact". Insanity!
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> researchers required to hand findings over
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> More hogwash. The inbox is full of it this morning.
> "Scientific value" - "sitting on the mantlepiece" - "black market"
> This kind of piece belongs in the National Enquirer.
> Dr. Grguric should get together and drink kool-aid with Lindfors
> and
> the new World Record Martian Loon.
> They all have the same level of intelligence apparently.
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> > Regards!
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> > Tom
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