[meteorite-list] Case study: Lake Eyre meteorite vs. U.S.

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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 04:20:19 +0000
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Hi Rob and list,

Rob, I agree 100% allowing private individuals to hunt and be rewarded is the most efficient and cost effective means to recover meteorites so far. This has worked perfectly in many countries for years even in Australia before the late 1980's. However times are changing and so is technology. In geopolitical stable countries where large networks are setup this may actually eliminate the need for private hunters all together..that is for new falls (the ones scientists and dealers are a mainly concerned with these days). In America private hunters maybe utilised and rewarded still to recover falls detected (conflict of interest). In Australia it might be a little slower to get out in the field in some cases. However but when they do go and find the stone it wont be cut into 1000 tiny bits to be sold off. Some say there is no issue with slice and dicing. For myself I think its a bit sad when a fall with a very small TKW is sliced up and sent off to the four winds and researchers have to pay hundreds or thousands
 for tiny pieces......

I don't expect anytime soon for NWA to dry up or for the market to stop (though its extremely slow for most small and mid level dealers).

You replied to my comments on orbit data and solar system mapping >

>Well, we got all of that on both Sutter's Mill and Creston, in spite of the problems
 of private land ownership and considerably harder searching conditions than the
 almost ideal surfaces of the Australian outback. So both systems can work. I just
 think the current U.S. laws favour a higher success rate than in Australia because
 they (at least currently) provide enough incentive to boost the people-hours
 that get devoted to each fall.

- Forgive me if I am wrong, I have not yet seen any orbit?data for either of these falls, just radar data etc namely?how ground based technology was used very well to find the fall location.

The cameras developed by Curtin are an extremely powerful tool in large numbers they make this massive machine that is very very accurate and can be used to calculate accurately where a meteorite originated from. Its awesome how powerful this tech is!

Also NOMCOM has divided up the fall system into 5 categories just because of the may or maybe nots on fall confirmation. Even now when the hunters in NWA Africa find a stone that's fresh looking?'it was witnessed' and the price is so huge no one wants to even buy it. Do we really know it was witnessed? maybe it was maybe it was not......Its something being witnessed even scientifically valuable, or is 'witnessed with trajectory recorded' more important? I go with trajectory recorded.

So for me its simple, many institutions wont be able to keep up with the ridiculous pricing on meteorites, neither can collectors ( who seem to be dropping in numbers also) so lets change the game a little.

What is being done:-

Australians are being encouraged to be citizen scientists via the work of Curtin and others, apps and even all sky kits will be released.

Schools are having these systems installed in remote communities and many people are becoming involved.?A real community effort, kids are learning directly and helping

private individuals will help to search in some cases

So I could by one or more?all sky cam's and contribute in a massive way and learn other skills sets or just keep pumping huge amounts of cash into a never ending collection I wont be able to take into the next life.........

sorry for upsetting my dealer mates

So for me the next stage of the evolution?in meteoritics is all sky tech, natural progression.

After 5 years of seeing many?people really only getting excited when there is a new fall, who's selling, or if their 'rights' are being taken away, or how much money can be made, ka ching. Even little science being discussed on the list by most, just how do I own some or I am selling some. Im not against buying or seling but wow!

More money talk/adds occurs in meteoritics? than any other hobby/science field I can think of

fossil or bobble head?collecting isn't even this bad

I am sorta over it

so this is why I am for a change, even just personally in my walk or how I can contribute

Cheers mate

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