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Hi, MikeG, List

While this is not the specific screensaver
you're looking for, it is a meteoritically
themed screensaver and very "impactful"
and entertaining:

After the screensaver pause interval has
passed, craters start appearing on your
screen. It was written by John Walker,
the original programmer of AutoCAD.
Installation is easy, with instructions
on that link given above.

I can testify that the 32-bit verion works
on all MS operating systems up through
Win7 32-bit (there's also a 16-bit version,
if you're really living in the past). I quote
the author: " 'Craters' simulates cratering
of initially flat terrain, obeying the same
power-law relating crater size to numbers
observed on airless solar system bodies."

What better way to protect your monitor's
phosphor than by smashing rocks into it
at dozens of kilometres per second?

Sterling Webb
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Hi List,

Can someone provide me with a working download link for Tom Phillip's
excellent Windows desktop screensaver? Every link I can find online is
broken or 404.

I used to have it on my old netbook, but I did not have the file backed up.
It does not appear to be online at Meteorite Times any longer.

Best regards and Happy Huntings,


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