[meteorite-list] China Now Hosts The World's Largest Gem and Mineral Show

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Doesn't surprise me at all. Counterfeit medications placed on the American
market and baby food filled with sawdust are a few examples that come to
mine. I had a Chinese made hydrologic floor jack disintegrate while I was
under a car and spray what smelt like rancid fish-oil all over my coveralls.
I think they recycled expired fish oil by finding another use for it.
Luckily, the safety stands held up. I had a friend throw a beer bottle into
a brand-new Chinese made cooler and it punched a hole through the inner
layer exposing shredded Chinese newspapers used for insulation. This all
sounds funny but my mother-in-law almost died due to counterfeit medications
placed on the American market.

Needless to say, I only purchase heavy duty products manufactured by firms
in reputable countries. It is amazing what greed can do to product quality
and authenticity.

I will keep on eye for casting marks on iron meteorites. Never buy
electronics that say, "Genuine Chrome Plated Plastic Knobs" or furniture
made from "Genuine Pleather."


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> Hi Adam and List,
> Biggest? Maybe. Best? No. From what I have heard about Chinese
> rock shows - many of the specimens are bogus. Fake Moldavite. Fake
> fossils. Fake meteorites. I realize this problem is not restricted to
> Chinese shows, but China has made an art-form out of specimen forgery.
> I'd have to drag a team of experts with me and have them test any
> piece I was thinking about buying.
> Best regards,
> MikeG
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>> Dear List Members,
>> I was shocked to hear that the Tucson Gem and Mineral show is no longer
>> the
>> world's largest. It looks like China is in first place with attendance
>> figures of over 380,000 for a four day event in 2015 compared to less
>> than
>> 40,000 for Tucson.
>> http://www.friendsofmineralogy.org/newsletters/2015_Jul.pdf
>> Maybe I should attend this year to add support for this American show
>> that
>> has been running since 1955 while the Chinese show has only existed for a
>> mere 3 years.
>> Adam
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