[meteorite-list] China Now Hosts The World's Largest Gemand Mineral Show

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The official Tucson Visitors site estimates attendance at 50,000 this year.
I believe they estimated 90,000 last year with less than 40,000 that
actually attended.


Perhaps Tucson will have a better show this year. I enjoy smaller shows and
would not want to be overwhelmed with patrons pawing at goods like the
Chinese show. The images of crowds at the China show, with standing room
only, would turn me off. Another positive note is that the lack of
competition will make for another buyer's market this year and Hotels will
not be jacking up their rates to $290.00 a night like in the 1990s.


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> Hi Anne and all,
> I can remember it being larger in the early 1990's compared to the shows
> after 2002. I'd multiply finding a parking spot by 3 back then to now. My
> opinion and memory isn't always right but it was larger then. Most people
> back then made reservations a year ahead of time in order to stay. I found
> a motel about 40 miles away that I stayed in for several years straight.
> One could use the amount of income that takes place during the show to
> come up with some sort of attendance taking place.
> Also the city got greedy some time back and was thinking of putting a tax
> on the shows. There was talk of moving it to Vegas then. The city
> rethought it's taxing the shows after they were threatened with the show
> moving. Some of the gem shows did move so some loss of income and people.
> I prefer Tucson as it is a nice location and hope the show doesn't ever
> move.
> Best!
> --AL Mitterling
> Mitterling Meteorites
> Quoting Anne Black <impactika at aol.com>:
>> Frankly Al,
>> I have been going to the Tucson show since the year 2000, and it seems to
>> be just as busy, crowded now as it was then. I hear the same complaints
>> about parking.
>> I would love to know how whomever came up with this number managed to
>> count people. There are shows all over the city, and entrance is free,
>> people wander in and out of hotels, tents,..... There are no tickets to
>> buy, no one counting people come in anywhere. So how did
>> whomever get to that number?
>> Curious minds................
>> Anne M. Black
>> www.IMPACTIKA.com
>> IMPACTIKA at aol.com
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