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  Hi John,

  Using a CBN Blade sold by the company you referred to is a bad idea
in my experience. In the past I used their blades and they were great
early on. Don't know what happened but the quality of the blades went
down and I coudn't even cut a half inch before the material on the
blade wore off. I could feel on the blade where it was smooth and other
areas maybe still a little cutting material left.

  I commented to the company owners before they sold the business and
they were concerned as I showed them the blades and mentioned how long
the blades lasted. However the problem was never solved and I stopped
wasting my $$ on the blades.

  I don't recommend that someone who hasn't cut meteorites before cut
off a sample. Picking the right spot so as not to detract from the mass
is important. No doubt you will get a lot of people offering to cut for
you, some good some not so good. Why not take it to the meteorite lab
in Portland to have a sample cut. I would bet they would allow you to
be there during the cutting.

  I'd make sure they know what they are doing as I have seen cutting
jobs messed up by some of the best known institutions. One place lost
over a kilo of material from their lack of knowledge of the material.

  Good luck!

  --AL Mitterling
Mitterling Meteorites

  Quoting John Pierce via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>:

> Hello All,
> This is my first post here.? I joined recently because I found a lovely
> nickel-iron meteorite, and that has spurred my further interest in this
> subject.? My meteorite has been confirmed as the real thing by staff of the
> Meteorite Lab at Portland State University, who would like to perform
> classification.? It is 11.2 kg, and according to PSU staff, it will be only
> the seventh classified meteorite ever found in the state of Oregon.
> I?ve enjoyed reading these archives, but I haven?t yet been able to find
> answer to my question.
> I?m posting here to ask if anyone has any experience cutting an iron
> meteorite with the CBN blade that is sold by Johnson Brothers Lapidary.? They
> advertise it as just the thing for cutting irons.? I?m interested to know
> anything about blade life, rim speed, feed rate, and using plain water as a
> coolant/lubricant.? For cutting the analysis sample, I have machining
> experience and very suitable tools, except for the blade, which I would
> like to be a circular blade.
> I welcome replies here on the forum, or by private email.
> Kind regards,
> John

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