[meteorite-list] Declaration of Independence and an ad :-)

From: Dustin Dickens <dustin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2016 16:07:58 -0600
Message-ID: <CAP1FrXoevp7GyL8PB_cL13E9MS_FRNMwLxAJT7tpVKXAUZknuw_at_mail.gmail.com>

Hi List Members,

I have decided to use this Independence Weekend as an opportunity to
announce my own independence from Eegooblago Meteorites and its
proprietors. As of about a month ago, I am officially a sovereign
entity legally transacting business as Top Meteorite. OK, maybe not
sovereign, but solo!

I started this adventure many years ago, in Morocco?s High Atlas
Mountains, studying and writing about the Agoudal Impact Structure and
hunting for the Agoudal Iron back when it was still known as Imilchil.
My love for meteorites, hypervelocity impacts, planetary science,
writing, and exploring just kept growing.

Several years later I came to Tucson and made a relatively significant
investment into a meteorite company named Eegooblago Meteorites. In
the end, and for reasons I will not go into here, the deal fell apart
and the partnership was never finalized. I?ve made it through the
long separation process, and with no real bones to pick.

The net result was an extensive, expensive education on many levels,
which I now consider priceless. So I suppose all is well that ends
well. I now have quite a collection of amazing new friends,
colleagues, and some cool meteorites to boot ;-)

On a much sweeter note, I have recently classified the following meteorites:

Nakhlite - NWA 10645

Angrite - NWA 10646

Lunar feldspathic breccia - *NWA 10644

Shergottite - NWA 10441

*paired with NWA10644, but it is being reclassified, as even though
this material is from the same find, it came in another shipment and
was not included in the TKW

I will eventually get these up on the website www.topmeteorite.com but
if anyone is interested I can send photos of particular interest and I
am very open to offers. Contact me at dustin at topmeteorite.com or PM on
Facebook if you prefer.

I also came away with a bit of NWA 8159 martian augite basalt. This is
a truly rare martian representing a new impact event and the type
specimen for the augite basalt. Only 149g TKW and only ~60g or so ever
made available for purchase other than the ~49g main mass. I have ~13g
available with 2 specimens in the ~2.2g mass range and representing
two of the largest specimens available. The rest are sub gram sizes
from 0.75g to 0.05g.

I hope your 4th of July is a great one!!!!

Dustin -

Dustin Dickens
Top Meteorite
dustin at topmeteorite.com
US (+1) 928 821 0183
Received on Sat 02 Jul 2016 06:07:58 PM PDT

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