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Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2016 17:58:34 +0100
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Hi Edwin...Interesting to hear all that Edwin...I do tend to collect other
things...random thing usually but have quite a collection of ceramics (many
pieces from Bretby Artys where my mother worked as a teenager) and some

Unfortunately my wife informs me that she thinks I "lost my marbles" ages
ago when I started collecting space rocks..LOL

I know there is one collector here in the UK that collects frogs and
another that collects butterflies(he has his own butterfly greenhouse with
many exotic ones flying around.)

Fascinating stuff.



On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Edwin Thompson via Meteorite-list <
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> Hello to all list members,
> I am reaching out to the farthest corners of the known world to appeal to
> any and all collectors.
> Having dealt in and collected meteorites, tektites and related books
> since I was just a kid, collecting all kinds of rocks which included a few
> cherished meteorites as early as the age of six, life has been blessed with
> lots of treasured finds. By the age of nine my parents allowed me to go off
> on summer long geology exploring science camp trips with older kids. For
> three years this was how I spent my summers, digging in fossil beds and
> agate beds all across the Northwest, areas that have been closed to this
> sort of activity since the mid to late sixties. At age seven I joined the
> Oregon Archaeological Society and at age fourteen I was given the privilege
> of being a dig site foreman for a Scappoose Indian housing and burial site
> before it was built into the now dismantled Trojan Nuclear Energy Power
> Plant along the banks of the mighty Columbia river near my home here in
> Oregon. Over time, life has changed and my interests have changed with the
> exception of a few common threads. One
> of them being that rocks from Space are the coolest of all rocks!
> Many of you know that from 1987 until 2002 I displayed and sold
> meteorites, fossils and artifacts at roughly 48 gem and mineral shows each
> year around the western United States.
> During those wonderful years of travel both here and abroad, I had the
> joy and pleasure (and still do) of meeting collectors and seeing their
> amazing collections. What I have seen and I am sure that many of you can
> relate to this, is that most of us who collect rocks from Space, also
> collect other things. I have seen a collection of antique surfboards, a
> huge collection of ancient suits of armor, cannons, guns, diamonds,
> polished stone spheres, stamps, coins (I think coins are how Michael Casper
> made his fortune! Good for him!). I've seen amazing collections of fossils,
> minerals and gem stones in private homes and on and on.
> Long story made shorter, I stopped collecting these beloved meteorites
> when I formally started selling them back in 87'. I have learned that this
> might have been a huge mistake but it's the choice I felt I needed to make
> in order to pay the bills and to remain competitive in an ever shrinking
> world market. But, the collecting bug never went away, it just changed
> shape and theme.
> Here is the pitch; about 1990 I started collecting antique handmade glass
> marbles. These gorgeous, colorful treasures were made by glass workers in
> the Lauscha region of East Germany from approximately 1880 until 1920. They
> are rare and hard to find. I have amassed a large collection and yet am
> always searching for more. I would be delighted to trade meteorites,
> tektites or books, even art, rare wine or cashy money for any number of
> these marbles.
> If you are a marble collector then I would enjoy talking with you about
> your collection and collecting direction. Recently Patrick got infected by
> this same obsession and he is an avid collector of the more recent machine
> made marbles from as early as the 1920's and 30's and later. If you just
> want to talk marbles please drop me a line. If you know someone with
> marbles to sell or if you have some yourself, please give me a chance to
> make an offer.
> On a less selfish thread, I think it would be a lot of fun to read about
> the things that others collect. I recall the first time I met Mike Bandli
> in Tucson years ago he was dealing in Space surplus and he had a huge
> collection of super cool artifacts. I learned at this last Tucson show that
> John Kashuba and I have nearly matching collections of rare, old wines.
> Hey, there is a meteorite collector in New York who collects live
> scorpions! And who hasn't seen Bruce Wegman's digital watch collection?
> Come on folks, share the fun!
> Best regards, E.T.
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