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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 17:08:04 -0400
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It is was actually your 'Original' and 'Current' business partner Jeff
Krosschell who made the NWA 5000 mold and even babysat
it in his own bedroom during the process. You sat there and smoked and
watched like always.

Give credit where it is due!!!

I have my own photos and like how Jeff's 'family' endearingly wrote a
message on the box which holds the mold in which he did most of the labor.
You remember Jeff and his wife don't you, Adam? She is your wife's daughter
who you gleefully have tried to write out of the history of NWA 5000!

1) http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/NWA5000/DSCN0009a.JPG
2) http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/NWA5000/DSCN0012a.JPG
3) http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/NWA5000/DSCN0020a.JPG

Enjoy your delusions while you still have the freedom to tap away and steal

Best Regards,

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Dear List Members,

Many have been asking what the NWA 5000 casting mold system looks like.
Here are a few images of the system I designed, created and build in 2007.
I chose accuracy over durability when building this first generation system.
I was going to take a first generation master casting and produce a mold for
mass production but this option has been taken away from me since a total of
at least 10 castings (7 a which were unauthorized) have already degraded the
master mold. The maximum for a master is five.

You only have one shot at perfection and the unauthorized multiple use of a
thermosetting polymer, which heats up the mold, has degraded the master mold
forever compromising the ability to make perfect replicas.








I ask in the future that people respect each others intellectual property.
I spent over 200 hours producing this mold, just to have it ruined in the
name of a few bucks,



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