[meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy

From: dean bessey <themeteoriteshop_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:12:47 +0000 (UTC)
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I can confirm to everybody that this person Davide Urbinati
"Davide Urbinati" <urbinati.davide at gmail.com"
is a crook and should be avoided at all costs.

He got me to. I sent him a package with tracking number and 6 days later he did a paypal non receipt request to cancel the transaction (Obviously knowing full well that 6 days is not enough time for mail to arrive in Italy from Australia - or at least should have known that). He tried to say that I was scamming him because it took a few days for the tracking number to show up online because of the way that I sent the package and he never even emailed me before filing the paypal dispute after 6 days.
Even though they had the tracking number and it was obvious that not enough time had passed for the package to arrive paypal still found in his favour and gave him the refund allowing him to steal my money.

This was even after I blocked all people in Italy from bidding in my ebay auctions and let him be an exception in an off ebay sale. Big mistake on my part.

As somebody who has made more than 50,000 ebay sales I highly recommend blocking everybody from Italy from bidding. This scumbag is just one of the reasons you should block everybody from Italy. Its probably not just all of the scumbags. Apparantly the Italian postal service is the pits to and there is a lot of internet crime preying on ebay sellers.

Be warned and be smart and avoid Italy

But of course no matter what the circumstances if somebody files a case after 6 days without even having the courtesy to send an email first you know that its not a lost in the mail scenario so this individual in particular should be avoided (Even if he moved countries)


 Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy
 To: "Michael Blood" <mlblood at cox.net>
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 Received: Monday, 25 July, 2016, 12:18 PM
 Aloha Capt?n, all,
 I just want to say that I know
 Davide Urbinati to be an honest, upstanding and respectful
 member of our meteorite community. I have had numerous
 transactions with him in the past, even after having
 discontinued service to Italy on eBay.
 I am sorry to hear of your experience Michael,
 but am hoping this can be worked out amicably and with
 mutual satisfaction.
> On
 Jul 23, 2016, at 3:36 PM, Michael Blood via Meteorite-list
 <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>
> Hi all,
>? ? ? ? You all
 may recall that several years ago multiple
> Dealers warned against sales to Italy. It
 seams at
> Least one buyer was claiming
 not to have received
> Shipments that
 were verified, not to have received
 Money that was sent him, etc.
>? ? ? ? Unfortunately, I failed to head
 warnings about
> Shipping to Italy. A
 different Italian contacted me (Or
> At
 least one using a different name and email) and
> I explained even Registered Mail seems to
 fail to
> guarantee delivery in Italy but
 I somehow allowed
> him to talk me into a
 Fed Ex shipment of a specimen.
> I
 agreed, providing he send $50 shipping and agree
> to pay any additional amount Fed Ex might
>? ? ?
 ? Perhaps it is the same fellow from several years ago
> Using a different name (he was so good at
 that Art could
> Not keep him off the
 list because he would just join again
 Using a different name and email). So, beware of:
> "Davide
 Urbinati" <urbinati.davide at gmail.com>
>? ? ? ? Even though I scanned the
 receipt and sent it to him
> He refused
 to pay the $59.79 Fed Ex charged me. So, I am
> Out that $.
>? ? ? ? Believe me, I will never ship
 to Italy again.
 ? ? ? Better luck to all of you,
 ? ? ? Michael Blood
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