[meteorite-list] Xiangrong Ouyang - Fake meteorite and fossil seller/collector from Yunnan, China

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Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 10:27:23 -0500
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Xiangrong Ouyang is a complete nut job and I had already unfriended him and blocked him. Keep him as part of your friend list on FB at your own risk.


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Subject: [meteorite-list] Xiangrong Ouyang - Fake meteorite and fossil seller/collector from Yunnan, China

Xiangrong Ouyang has both FB and website accounts and several persons in out community have been duped into "friending" him on FB or elsewhere. Use caution before you add an unknown person and do follow-up on their meteorite posts. Several dealers that you know are unknowingly helping this person as he has posted your real meteorite photos amongst his fakes. Likely he is promoting his fake sales in China using this tactic. Several persons with knowledge about meteorite have tried to help him but according to him we are trying to protect a monopoly....LOL>

Here is an excellent example of a Meteorwrong being touted to be a meteorite- asking price of ? 295 million

In Chinese iron meteorite found onyx stones, Permian geological age, after 200 million 9,000 million years do not have any rust, now for sale, asking price of ? 295 million, are interested, please contact; ouyangxiangrong _at_ gmail .com;

His email if you have 295 million Pounds to waste.
ouyangxiangrong at gmail.com;


This person also has a website with even more fakes. Enjoy! Check out the DEALERs that have had their photos stolen and watermarked with his email address or website url.
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