[meteorite-list] Meteorites - Oriented vs. Orientated: What’s the Difference?

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Perhaps oriented?! or not?"

Dirk, perhaps so, if "three men make a tiger".

There are serious logical flaws lacing the arguments and opinions presented in your link. There's an argument/appeal to a non-existent authority - the author is nobody remarkable. The worst is an appeal to numbers ("It's usage is more common so it is right"). Many words are less common, yet thankfully exist and can be used even though shorter ones are workable substitutes.

Here's another grammar-assisting website:

"But, once again, orientate is an accepted variant of orient and is not wrong."
ref: http://grammarist.com/usage/orientate/

Now just for fun, let's use an appeal to numbers to decide which site is more reliable.

grammarist (my site. look at the trend and my fancy graph):

and then writingexplained.org (your site. fancy graph and numbers again)

So I would conclude with fancy graphs and statistics (two above links) that because the link your site just popped out of nowhere in March 2016 and is in 73,500th place worldwide at this writing, and the site I linked to is in 9,300th place worldwide, and around for years and continually getting more popular in the rankings --for now perhaps 10x more consulted-- that we should avoid using your site as a reference. "three men make a tiger"?

Both words are grammatically correct in my book and it comes down to style which is strictly a personal decision of whoever is writing. IMO, Everyone understands them ... There is no shame in word choice, and most people won't mind the extra t and a here and there.

Kindest wishes

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List, Here you go-

?Perhaps oriented?! or not?

as an adjective-

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