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P.S.: I?m sorry that there was a problem with the photo links. Now it should
work correctly..

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Dear List Members,

after a longer break I will now go on with my offerings of interesting
Sahara meteorite finds. Today I would like to introduce two achondrites
which I haven?t offered yet. NWA 10558 is a newly classified Martian
diabasic shergottite. From the appearance it is very similar to Shergotty,
Zagami, NWA 6963 and others. The find is probably not paired with NWA 6963,
the matrix is slightly more coarse grained and more yellow/greenish, and the
crust looks different as well. And according to the finders it was found in
a different area in the south of Morocco. At the following web page I have
listed all available pieces of NWA 10558. I think the price of $290/g is
really good for small mass of a nice Martian meteorite.

The second meteorite (NWA 8703) is a very appealing HED chondrite, a
diogenite with a nice yellowish matrix and green orthopyroxene crystals. All
slices have black/brown fusion crust. And all slice are nicely prepared as
all of my offered meteorites. NWA 8703 isn?t suitable for high gloss polish,
but I have done my best to make both sides of the slices as attractive s
possible. The price is very affordable at only $19/g.

Shipping with registered airmail is $6. You will receive a tracking number
as soon as your item is shipped. Please, don?t hesitate to contact me for
any questions.
stefan at sr-meteorites.de

Best regards,



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