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Thanks for the history lesson Doug! I didn't know most of this. It
gives some context to my little Monze micromount. :)

Thankfully, I am on the west coast of Florida. So at least we won't
have storm surge to deal with. Just lots of wind and rain. Hopefully
no tornadoes.

Best regards,



On 10/5/16, MexicoDoug via Meteorite-list
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> Happy Fall Day anniversary to Monze - October 5, 1950 ... the 66th!
> Here on Florida's coast a few kind words to Chief Monze Mukulukulu to go
> easy on us as we look down the barrel of Hurricane Matthew... with an
> offering of my first wild tomatoes from the volunteer fall crop.
> Monze Mukulukulu of the Tonga is legendary in that he was the first Monze
> Chief and has a special place as Sunshine and Rain Bringer to his people.
> He's legendary in the sense that when he passed into the next world, no body
> was found and he is said in Tonga tradition to have ascended to the sky to
> regulate the rains after the dry season.
> Offerings are made to the current Chief Monze to honor Mukulukulu every year
> in early July during their very dry winter season when rains are crucial ---
> the offerings are of iron hand made hoeing implements and symbolically the
> current Chief Monze takes his role and eats the first harvest.
> Monze is named for the ancient Monze Chief, and October begins the countdown
> to the end of the dry periods and the most pleasant weather. Hopefully
> Chief Mukulukulu can bring some of the rain from here to his dry but fertile
> fields of Monze,
> Kindest wishes
> Doug
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