[meteorite-list] Serichi (Habaswein) stability--somewhat answered

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I will take a slightly different approach to the original question. As a
collector, what was your intent?

If you wanted to display it to enjoy the beauty of a pallasites, then
stability of the specimen is paramount. If you collect pallasites in general
and wanted to add to your collection to occasionally take out of storage to
enjoy, then curation of the specimen is paramount. I think we all realize
that any meteorite with any iron will rust, the real question is at what
rate based on your storage environment. We should also acknowledge once a
specimen has gone from the original owner to the next, it is hard to know if
your meteorite is a ruster or not because as mentioned previously, some may
have been found above ground and others suffered many years underground and
in constant contact with water with many different minerals present.

I own a large slice of Nantan that by all accounts is a known super ruster
and yet this slice only has only a light film of gun oil on it and has not
rusted one tiny bit since purchased 4 years ago. So ...

If you intended to display:
I counselled my clients to not buy Sericho until it has had its reputation
proven over a year or two. My personal feeling is that I'd rather
potentially spend a bit more later than take the chance of having a specimen
disintegrate. If you want to get in early, probably best to spend the extra
money and get the iron or in this case pallasite specimen stabilized (KD
Meteorites). If that is not an option, there is nothing wrong with adding a
layer of lacquer to minimize the effects of being in an open environment as
long as you realize that you are slowing down the effects of rust and not
stopping it. The key is making sure that the lacquer is properly applied so
as not to trap any water in the specimen.

If you want to store:
Here is my secret. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000AN4CT/ (Lock &
Lock Airtight Rectangular Food Storage Container with Drain Tray 131.87-oz /
16.48-cup) and
tml (Orange Silica Gel Beads - Per Pound). The airtight containers work very
well and still provide very easy access to your specimens. Also there is a
tray that allows you to separate the desiccant on bottom and specimens on
top. From a curation standpoint and much experimentation, it is hard to beat
this system.

I hope this is helpful.

Best to all,

Mendy Ouzillou
SkyFall Meteorites
IMCA #8395

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Sorry Andrey,

Your small/simple question got hijacked. Some people tend to do this.

I hope, that somewhere in the muddle, your questions where answered.

As you may have deduced -- there's no One answer on the stability of any
meteorite. As Anne stated, there are many variables--where/when found,
preparation etc.

So Andrey, try to research who you're buying from and also do the sideline
research on what may be the best preparation for this particular meteorite.
This can be difficult- you may want to ask this list who are the respected
preparers of meteorites and then follow up with that person.

In essence, you're almost back where you started.

>From experience--don't invest too much into any specimen until you
understand/feel comfortable with what you are trying to obtain.
Cost me - $2,000

Please Do Not hijack Andrey's question again.

If he wants to reply -- HE will .............


 Just a small question to new Sericho (was Habaswein) Kenya pallasite
>>>>>>>>>> owners, dealers, cutters: how stable is it?
>>>>>>>>>> From my own experience I noticed its extreme degree of
>>>>>>>>>> instability, similar to Admire or even more... Is this
>>>>>>>>>> unlucky piece, just fortuity or is it really so?
>>>>>>>>>> Thanks in advance for your answers,
>>>>>>>>>> Andrey,
>>>>>>>>>> IMCA#6240

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