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From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2017 10:59:11 -0800
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Al, You are correct in your assessment.

If Blaine had used the legal system for any kind of relief against
Curry, it would take years while the immediate and very real danger
would still be present. The new breed of pump and dump, 3.0 dealers and
a few established dealers tried to blame the Reeds for Curry's posse
showing up in Quartzsite and Tucson and if he stayed away, so would
Curry. These spineless dealers were only concerned with themselves and
how Curry's presence would affect their income. It is interesting how
honest people like the Reeds always seem to pay the price. I have seen
this happen time and time again.

This all started with the high noon XRF gun shootout challenge in Denver
where the Reeds stated that his San Juan breccia was not a lunar rock.
Curry had claimed his breccia was NWA 5000's big brother based on
appearance alone and was trying to dump it on eBay. Sound familiar?
Curry joined the meteorite scene soon after increased media where TV
shows made finding meteorites look like collecting Easter Eggs and
displayed price tags which were hugely inflated in value.

Curry has threatened many List members including myself. I should feel
fortunate that only a $100,000,000.00 Bond was posted against me
compared to what the Reeds have gone through. It is also fortunate
that I pay my taxes and there are no journal differences in my
bookkeeping since Curry took it upon himself to file whistle-blower
forms against most meteorite dealers with the IRS before being thrown in
jail. Meteorite "dealers" better hope they have been paying their taxes
since the forms Curry filed in hopes of getting a 15% reward are taken
seriously by the IRS.


On 12/8/2017 6:25 AM, AL Mitorling via Meteorite-list wrote:
> On 12/8/17, AL Mitorling <mittmet51 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Blake and all,
>> Hopefully this will be a wake up call to some dishonest folks dealing in
>> pseudo or misrepresented meteorites. It will be nice to do the Tucson Gem
>> Show not so heavily armed. Also, some members of the meteorite community
>> encouraged Blaine to prosecute Curry, then tried to have Blaine expelled
>> last year from the gem show when trouble showed up, being the spineless
>> creatures they are. Best!
>> --AL Mitterling
>> Mitterling Meteorites
>> On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 10:30 PM, John Lutzon via Meteorite-list <
>> meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>>> Holy S-it !
>>> I knew it was involved and intertwined but not to this extent...
>>> Safe everyone !
>>> John
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>>> Hello All,
>>> Blaine wanted me to post this for him. I haven't posted anything before
>>> so I hope it works (and doesn't violate any rules) and I'm on the daily
>>> digest so I can't see responses right away.
>>> Blake
>>> Hello everybody!
>>> I am greatly RELIEVED to be able to announce the, likely permanent, end
>>> to the Curry/ and his fake meteorites saga. I thought of using ?PLEASED
>>> to announce? but, really, it is a bit of a sad situation to watch
>>> someone completely destroy their life and some of the lives around them
>>> in such a delusional fantasy world as Curry has managed to do.
>>> Anyway, it seems that Mr. Steven Duane Curry is in jail in Alamogordo,
>>> New Mexico for the time being. After that, he has a (likely looong) jail
>>> date waiting for him in Colorado.
>>> I am going to give a long but still ?Reader?s Digest? version of the
>>> past events that have led to this situation, not to publicly bemoan the
>>> problems my family and I have faced from this clown over the years (and
>>> there have indeed been many), but so others will have a better
>>> understanding of just how deep Curry is in do-do right now.
>>> Many of you know that I showed law-enforcement officials that Curry was
>>> publicly selling fake meteorites back in 2012. Most of you also know
>>> that he was convicted on three counts and was sentenced to 3 years in
>>> jail (though the jail folks decided it best to turn him loose after only
>>> 6 months once they did finally get their hands on him). Shortly after
>>> his conviction, he hit Blake, Linda and me with a civil lawsuit
>>> demanding $300 million in damages for his trial travails and ?lost
>>> value? of his ?meteorite collection?. Thankfully, (with the expert help
>>> of Eric Twelker ? I was lost and drowning in this and probably would
>>> have gone on to loose the case if left completely to my own devices)
>>> this suit was thrown out of court in (fairly) short order. However while
>>> suing us, Curry had formed a big pile of ?evidence? supposedly showing
>>> how we (Blake, Linda and I) were supposedly committing all kinds of
>>> heinous crimes (meteorite theft, money laundering, conspiracy, murder
>>> (of babies in Africa and US soldiers world wide -???), funding
>>> terrorism, and much more. He filed this pile of steaming dung with
>>> pretty much EVERY law-enforcement agency in the world he could (local
>>> police, sheriffs, D.A.s offices, state CBI, D.As, I.R.S., F.B.I., US
>>> Marshals service, the president (then Obama ? who apparently sent Curry
>>> a letter thanking him for clueing him into this and that he?d look into
>>> it) and Interpol) demanding that the three of us be arrested and hung
>>> for treason. When it became clear to him that some law enforcement
>>> agency wasn?t going to swoop in and haul us away, he took things into
>>> his own hands.
>>> As some of you know, this Curry problem started with the direct aid and
>>> abetting of Curry and his B.S. meteorite story by the local Montrose
>>> public library and the local ?news? paper ? the Montrose Daily Press.
>>> Many of us did our best to inform these two ?agencies? of the truth of
>>> the matter, but they refused to listen stating ?Freedom of speech? (and
>>> the paper?s lead editor at the time ? Justin Joiner - who I later found
>>> was a close personal friend of Curry?s ? told me that he didn?t care if
>>> it was all B.S. ? it was a local ?feel good? story and he had no
>>> intention of burying it). Anyway, These same two entities then took it
>>> upon themselves to, once again, directly aid and abet Curry in forming a
>>> ?Sovereign Citizen? (look THAT up if you want a real horror story in
>>> domestic harassment and terrorism) ?justice? system. The library gave
>>> him the venue and the news paper hyped ?come learn about Common Law
>>> Grand Juries? in one article and followed up with more along the lines
>>> of ?come be a part of history and part of the common law jury? and
>>> ?common law grand jury returns to Montrose?. Well, this news even made
>>> it to TV and radio. Blake and I heard about how this group could
>>> supposedly ?overturn bad convictions, indict and prosecute wrong doers
>>> that the (real) system won?t? and more. Yep, we (Blake and I) instantly
>>> knew who was behind this. It was indeed Curry and he and his group did
>>> indeed supposedly ?indict? the three of us for treason and were to be
>>> hauled away at gun point and hung for treason. At this point, I felt it
>>> necessary to spend a bunch of money to obtain a restraining order
>>> against Curry (since the folks up in Grand Junction couldn?t, wouldn?t
>>> file the criminal protection order we were supposed to have from being
>>> victims and witnesses in Curry?s criminal conviction trial).
>>> Once the ?indictments? were set, Curry then went on to become what he
>>> was calling a ?Continental uNited States Superior Court Judge? (no, the
>>> small u on united is NOT a misprint ? for some reason, this is how
>>> sovereign citizens write it). As such, he handed down our ?convictions?
>>> for treason. So what? many might ask. Well, if it was just Curry it
>>> might not be such an issue. However, Curry had managed to work his way
>>> up through the Sovereign Citizen ranks and had become one of their
>>> leading gurus. He managed to cobble together like-minded folks and set
>>> up a) a bigger badder ?Grand Jury?, b) more ?Superior Court judges? AND
>>> (the really dangerous one) c) a group of folks that called themselves
>>> ?Continental US Marshals? who felt they had the power to haul away
>>> anyone convicted by one of their judges at gun point and hang them for
>>> treason.
>>> Curry was not happy simply focusing on us (thankfully) so he and his
>>> henchmen then went about attacking and threatening pretty much any and
>>> every public official, judge, police officer, sheriff, etc that they
>>> ever had any kind of not pleasant contact with. They threatened them
>>> with (like us) hanging, filed bogus legal complaints and financial leans
>>> against them (I am still at a loss how ANY folks responsible for such
>>> legal records would allow this kind of horse _hit to be done) and more.
>>> These folks, in the meantime, were actively trying to recruit ?hundreds?
>>> of people to become their ?Continental US Marshals? army (they even were
>>> trying to reach biker gangs for this purpose). They were to the point of
>>> taking action, but were stuck waiting for their little tin badges (yep,
>>> they were having these made) that would supposedly make them legal to
>>> carry out their arrests and hangings (one member was supposedly building
>>> gallows in the back of his truck so they could arrest, hang, move on,
>>> arrest, hang, etc.). Their plan was to send in 50 or 60 ?Marshals? to
>>> carry out an arrest, assuming that the arrestee would simply lay down
>>> and accept the action to take place because he was so ?out numbered? so
>>> ?nobody would get hurt? (accept the hangee anyway). My personal response
>>> would be something more along the lines of ?well, I am sentenced to
>>> death any way, so I have nothing more to loose. You guys go out and have
>>> a pow-wow and discuss which 10, 12 or more of you are going to possibly
>>> die trying to carry out this action first?. Thankfully, right about the
>>> time these guys were actually starting to receive their badges, the FBI
>>> and CBI swooped in and arrested 8 of the biggest ring leaders of this
>>> group up in Denver (?Judges?, Grand Jury folks, Marshalls, etc.). That
>>> happened back in April. Curry, however was not fully mentioned in the
>>> huge (real) grand jury indictment handed down on these folks (claiming
>>> each person had committed something between 18 and 36 major felonies!),
>>> just listed as a possible ?co-conspiritor?. I was informed that he was
>>> going to have his own indictment and arrest warrant issued (and it was).
>>> I have not gotten the chance to personally see this indictment (it is
>>> not yet public record), but if anybody is interested and has some time,
>>> do a google search of ?Bruce Doucette arrest? and you should be able to
>>> pretty easily find the indictment against the other 8 people.
>>> Once Curry got news of the Colorado Attorney General?s Office arrest
>>> warrant being issued, he went into hiding. He even stopped hosting his
>>> inane online sovereign citizen call in programs (that ran for like 3 or
>>> 4 hours on Wednesdays and Fridays). I knew he had been hiding in
>>> Quartsite during this past Tucson show (he and a group of his followers
>>> DID show up in Tucson, but the local police invited them to leave
>>> quickly so no problems developed, thankfully). The group also stopped
>>> posting recordings of the call in programs they were still running ?
>>> meaning you?d have to sit through the entire BS session live (with an
>>> unblocked phone number) to possibly pick up any clues where Curry might
>>> be hiding. Nope, wasn?t going to waste that kind of time (and brain
>>> cells) on that.
>>> I continued to do occasional searches from time to time to see if
>>> anything new on Curry popped up. Well, yesterday I finally hit gold. It
>>> seems that part of the reason he has been incognito lately is that he
>>> has been in prison in Alamagordo, New Mexico since September 22nd. The
>>> information I have is not real clear yet, but it seems he is facing some
>>> really serious criminal charges down there ? things along the lines of
>>> out of state fugitive, aggravated assault upon a peace officer (with a
>>> deadly weapon), committing a felony (disarming a police officer),
>>> resisting, evading and obstructing. Not sure what kind of time those
>>> things might bring him, but I am sure it will be more than the 6 months
>>> Grand Junction held him for.
>>> But wait, there?s more! Once he is done in New Mexico, he will be facing
>>> extradition to Colorado to face whatever is in that indictment. Again, I
>>> have no idea what charges he is facing, but if the other folks are any
>>> guide, they will be big and many. So far, two of the 8 folks arrested in
>>> April have been convicted (of pretty much every charge against them) and
>>> are facing over 20 years in jail each. So, if Curry comes anywhere close
>>> (and I am sure he will) he will likely be gone for 25 to 30 years
>>> overall. Not to put a happy face on someone else?s suffering but -
>>> So, as far as I can tell, MOST of the danger is now safely locked up.
>>> However, not ALL of the danger is gone so, we need to remain at least
>>> somewhat vigilant/ aware. Curry got a lot of these desperate folks all
>>> riled up against us (me, my family, and a number of you out there) and
>>> there is no guarantee that one of those folks won?t try something in
>>> retaliation at some point down the road. However, on the last ?call in
>>> programs? Curry hosted, he hype the meteorite thing (and our supposed
>>> obstruction of allowing his ?fantastic discoveries? to be published)
>>> fairly strongly. He claimed to have found near Quartsite an ?entire
>>> asteroid? impact that had stuff from the iron core up to the
>>> ?moon-rock?/ lunar material crust (???? ? not sure how that is even
>>> possible) available to simply pick up. He was also starting to hype the
>>> idea that his ?meteorites? contained ?holograms that explained the
>>> mysteries of the universe?. I suppose some of his followers may have
>>> bought into that, but I detected that people were more sick of his
>>> meteorite claims than accepting of them. Regardless, most deaths in
>>> mountain climbing happen on the way down the mountain. You reach the
>>> summit, are happy and let your guard down. Then, something happens that
>>> would have been easily avoidable if you were paying full attention and
>>> you pay the price. So, I certainly will relax very much now that the
>>> head of the snake is in jail, just not completely.
>>> Blaine
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