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Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 09:57:17 -0600
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E.P. Grondine posted on? Fri, 08 Dec 2017

>Hi Paul -

The full article is:

Hagstrum, J.T., Firestone, R.B., West, A., Weaver, J.C. and
Bunch, T.E., 2017. Impact-related microspherules in Late
Pleistocene Alaskan and Yukon ?muck? deposits signify
recurrent episodes of catastrophic emplacement. Scientific
Reports, 7, no. 16620.

It is wonderful to see that this topic is being argued in the
scientific literature instead of in popular books full of factual
errors about the Spokane Floods, loess, and megafloods
along with fictional claims about Atlantis.

>With the recovery of these photographs, Hibbens' wife's
>diary, and Geist's fossils, will you now consider retracting
>all of your comments on Hibbens'? and his research?

No. the pictures and diary are still, by modern standards,
horribly poor and inadequate documentation of his ideas,
which was part of the times. Except for the spherules,
Hagstrum et al. (2017) make a number of assertions that
not backed up by any detailed taphonomic analysis of the
animal and plant remains and sedimentologic analysis of
the muck.

I hope this paper encourages someone to do so and test
their (Hibben's) hypothesis in due time and publish the
results in print. Unfortunately, I am working on other
stuff and will not have the time in the near future to be
that person.

There is an interesting blog about this paper at:

Comet Research Group Publishes New Article Reviving
Catastrophist Claims about Frozen Mammoths in Alaskan Muck


Paul H.
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