[meteorite-list] To all holders of loose chondrules

From: PAOLO CONTE <progetto.andromeda_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:05:11 +0100
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Dear Listers,

If you have loose chondrules, I ask you to do a little experiment for me:
approach a magnet to your chondrules and let me know what happens.

I have experimented the chondrules of Saratov (L4) are noticeably attracted
by my small neodymium magnet, but not those of NWA 10669 (LL3), that appear

A famous French meteorite seller told me the chondrules of Bjurb?le
(L/LL4) are attracted greatly by a magnet.

I haven't other informations about chondrules of other chondrites.

I have spoken of these tests with my compatriot Francesco Moser (IMCA
#1510), who doesn't exclude the contribution of the free metallic Fe-Ni
inside of the chondrules, but also advances another very interesting
hypothesis: the magnetic susceptibility of chondrules may depend on free
iron micrograins in the matrix remaining attached to the surface of the

Why not? This is possible, because there are very small percentages of free
metallic Fe-Ni inside chondrules, perhaps insufficient to justify the
magnetic susceptibility of the chondrules.

But I wish to know the opinion and the experiences of other Listers. What
do you think about it? What is the main cause of the magnetic
susceptibility of the chondrules? Their free metallic Fe-Ni inside, or the
metal flakes of the matrix remained attached to their spherical surface?

If you have loose chondrules of classified meteorites, please, make some
tests and let me know the results of your experiments. Unfortunately I own
few loose from Saratov and NWA 10669 and no other from other classified

Thanks in advance to all the Listers who want help me to understand this
intriguing question.

Paolo Conte (IMCA #6037)
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