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I don't see the Mn percent. That is needed to get an Fe/Mn ratio.
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> Hello!
a man have send me some pictures of a dozen stones and asked me wich types
of meteorites could be.
I answered that for me those materials are terrestrial.
But he tell me that for sure the stones are lunar meteorites :)
He has send me this analysis for proving the lunar origin of the stones.
I'm not able to understand this data, please someone could take a look and
tell me if this material could be terrestrial or extra-terrestrial.
No other analysis was done on the stones. I guess that without an oxigen
isotopes abundance ratio is impossible to identify a lunar rock, isn't? 
Method LF200
SiO2	47.45%
Al2O3	19.42%
Fe2O3	9.73%
MgO	10.16%
CaO	8.95%
Na2O	1.75%
K2O	0.79%
TiO2	0.29%
P2O5	0.08%
Cr2O3	0.01%
Ba	110ppm
Ni	121ppm
Sc	7ppm
I Have also a detailed list of trace elements.
This man tell me that the presence of K2O and P2O5 confirm the
extra-terrestrial origin of the rocks.
Thanks a lot in advance!
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