[meteorite-list] First recorded visit to this solar system by an interstellar object

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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 19:29:05 +0000
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Hi Mike,

It is indeed an intriguing interloper, with much speculation on MPML as to its
possible origin and the dynamics of its ejection from its original star system.
Its spectral characteristics (admittedly limited spectral resolution so far) seem
more consistent with an asteroid than a comet, though there is no real
dividing line between an asteroid and an inactive comet -- more a continuum
between the two. Suffice to say the object is "red" with no strong spectral
peaks or troughs in the visible band.

One small correction to your post below -- the object certainly originated
in our galaxy, or one of the dwarf galaxies that is gravitationally bound to it
(e.g. the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy). There has been insufficient time for the
body to travel intergalactic distances, even from as close as Andromeda.
Unfortunately, we will never know the identity of the star system from which
it originated. --Rob
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First recorded visit in this solar system by a visiting interstellar
object of unknown origin and composition. This comet-like object is
moving at a very high rate of speed (44 km/sec) and is entering our
cosmic neighborhood from an unusual angle that is nearly perpendicular
to the ecliptic.

This object does not come from our Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, or Oort
Cloud. It is an interloper from the vast empty space between the
galaxies and stars. This comet-like object has streaked through our
solar system like a rifle shot and is now continuing on it's journey
through deep space in the direction of the Pegasus constellation.

Unlike most comets or asteroids, we Earthlings will never see this
strange visitor again, as it's speed and trajectory will carry it out
and away from our solar system into the distant reaches of
interstellar space.

Link - http://earthsky.org/space/a2017u1-comet-asteroid-interstellar-beyond-solar-system

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