[meteorite-list] What's matter with this idea of what meteroite is?

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Saying that a rock is a meteorite simply because it is attracted to a magnet is wrong. A magnet is only the first of many tests you must do before you can say that a rock is "perhaps" a meteorite. But you will not know for sure until it has been analyzed by a specialized lab.

I recommend you study this site very carefully. http://meteorites.wustl.edu/meteorwrongs/meteorwrongs.htm

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Hi all,

My idea is any rock that attracts a cheap magenet, which is not a human by-product or an ore that contains magnetite(mostly hematite, limonite, basalt, graphite) is not a terrestrial rock. It's a meterorite. The difference between a meteorite and a magnetic terrestrial rock is the latter attracts iron and nickle too but the former dose not.

Is this idea right?

I work under this idea, yet, many hunters say the meteroites I collected are not meteroite because they do not look alike a meterorite. And they of course they are not under This Idea. Mostly they say the Same as this many terrestrial rock also attract magnet.



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