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I do wish Marc and NASA every success in trying to pull this off. What surprises me is
that a similar effort wasn't undertaken for the fall over Lake Michigan last year, just
offshore from Wisconsin. That one should be FAR easier to recover -- the water is
clear (thanks to the zebra mussels), the depth minimal (<250 feet), the bottom
sandy rather than silt and muck, and little to no waves to contend with. --Rob

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It seems that Marc Fries
(former list member) has
recovered fragments from
the fireball that passed over
Seattle in March of this
year... from the bottom of
the Pacific!

"Against all odds, NASA
may have actually found
a meteorite on the bottom
of the ocean:"

They say:
"...researchers will examine
the fragments more closely
and hope to conclusively
determine that they are
indeed from space. If the
rocks are indeed extra-
terrestrial, it will mark
an incredible accomplish-
ment for the expedition

I'll say!

Sterling K. Webb


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