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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 17:38:59 -0700
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Hello All,

If one bad apple is selling fake meteorite items, it is a bad reflection
on all of us. There is a seller on ebay basically following in
steelhorse1994's steps, as noted last week we still see his stuff show
up as resale on ebay, (BTW, that particular single listing has been
removed). You remember steelhorse1994, the guy who sold 1000's of fake
moon and mars displays in 2012-2013. This new fraudster, ebay name
"estatebureau" lists fake Mars displays every week on ebay. I will
provide links to his listings below. The damning part of his listings
are the "certificates" which state:
NASA HEADQUARTERS- Space Meteorite Department/Authentication.
This of course is false and quite ludicrous. I have contacted NASA and
was told the info was sent on to their inspector general, but that was 7
weeks ago. My concern is that it got lost in the government bureaucracy.
Meanwhile things have since gotten worse. This ebay seller
"estatebureau" started out with a couple auctions a week and is now
brazenly listing 5 different auctions or buy it now every week. I have
reported the listings to ebay as fraud but they have done nothing.

We cannot stand by and let this continue. It is bad for all of us that
someone can perpetrate this crime. I would encourage as many of you who
feel as insulted by this as I am to report the fraud to ebay. Perhaps if
enough people report the fraud, ebay will put a stop to it. Go to all of
his listings and click the link 'report item'. This link is about half
way down the listings on the right side across from the 'description'
and 'shipping" tabs which are on the left side.
Once in that section:
select 'copyright and trademark' as the category;
select 'counterfeit item' as reason for report
select 'counterfeit, fake, or replica items' for detailed reason
Then in the comment section in your own words you can write something
like: Fake display, fake NASA certificate, they do not authenticate
meteorites, no such NASA Dept.
I suppose you could also write the seller "estatebureau", but I would be
skeptical that they would pay any more attention than steelhorse1994

Here are the current fake listings as of 6-22-18:

Kind regards,

Daniel Noyes
Genuine Moon & Mars Meteorite Rocks
info at moonmarsrocks.com
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