[meteorite-list] An on list apology is necessary, part 2

From: E.P. Grondine <epgrondine_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 16:38:22 +0000 (UTC)
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Paul -

Thanks for clearing that up,and thank g*d you are not the only geologist working in North America.
Let us see where we are.
NASA is no closer to launching the NEOcam,
than they were after it was spiked by Griffin back int 2005.When I started out on this, both GeneShoemaker and Rep. George Brown Jr. were alive,and I expected NASA to handle this within about 3 yearsBut NASA set a new low, right there with Challenger, Columbia, and the SLS.
Now, in a futile effort to avoid dealing with their responsibilities,
NASA trots out the second stringer Mark Boslough.

In the meantime, the cranks are taking over the field.
Not only Hancock, with his one advanced race,but on Ancient Aliens last Friday I learned that1) Ancient Aliens had used impact events to destory
faulty Alien-Humaan hybrids, and2) Ancient Aliens gave warnings of impacts.
Any guess as to whose work will be used by them?

I also regularly read about the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.and get to see some folks try to redefine asteroids to include comets.

About the only good news is that NASA decided that David Morrisonshould handle the mail from the Zachary Sitchin fans.
Now as far as me personally, and my competence to deal with oral materials,I worked through European oral materials in both Arthurian Britain and HomericBronze Age before you were born.

The usual practice by European colonists such as yourself
has been to treat Native American oral traditions as trash.Nonetheless, they were here when your ancestors first arrived
and had been here for a long long time before that..That they remembered an event that killed off about 95% of their ancestors
should come as no surprise.That you should belittle their memories should come as no surprise either.

By the way, I do not share some Native American meteorite lore
with many people to prevent grave robbing.
E.P. GrondineMan and Impact in the Americas
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