[meteorite-list] Neutralizing Hydrazine?

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Ed and List,

E.P. Grondine asks,

"So how do you neutralize hydrazine?"

The answer to your first question about neutralizing hydrazine see below ( I personally think that this is way to DANGEROUS for any meteorite hunters to be doing and should be left to military or properly trained HAZMAT team.).

Safety and Handling of Hydrazine - Defense Technical Information ...
by DK Simpson - ?1986 - ?Cited by 2 - ?Related articles
water and will eventually consume all of the hydrazine, producing only nitrogen and water. Use of a dilute oxidizer solution will speed up the neutralization reaction. An aqueous solution (5% or less) of sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite (prepared from swimming pool dry chlorinator) or dilute hydrogen peroxide.

E.P.'s second question-
"Anything else to be wary of?" There may be radioactive material aboard the craft. It would be a good idea to use a Geiger Counter to check for safety prior to handling any material IF found.

The likelihood of any civilians getting anywhere near materials from
Tiangong-1 as slim as any fall site on land will be off limits if it located.

BTW- Any and All of Tiangong-1 is property of the People's Republic of China and under international law must be returned to China if found, i.e. if you find something "significant" you will likely be met by U.S. Marshalls, XYZ, etc. and forced to return the "finds".
Dirk Ross...Tokyo

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Hi all -

With Tiangong comind down, is anyone here planning to hunt for pieces?

Usually, the spacecraft pieces hunters find have been exposed to water for a long time,
but this time that will not be the case, assuming that Tiangong comes down in a searchable area.

So how do you neutralize hydrazine? Anything else to be wary of?

good hunting, all,


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