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Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 17:09:23 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello list,I decided to part with a couple of my books that I've collected over the years.For now I have 2 books I wish to sell. Also, selling a few more specimens at roughly 50%off AND LOWER of current market values.I really need the money for some very personal needs that are much more important than my meteorite collection.This the reason why I am very willing to part with some more of my specimens at near 50% off the current market valuesand even more than 50% off in some instances! Many thanks in advance from ALL of you good folks out there for your time and interest!1) The first is an excellent autographed copy of 'Find A Falling Star' by Harvey Nininger. It is also inscribed by Herbert Fales and dated Feb. 14, 1973. The book was published in 1972.This book is in excellent to near mint condition. Asking $500 or best offer.2) The second book is 'The Cambridge Encyclopedia Of Meteorites' by O. Richard Norton. This book is in BRAND NEW conditionand still in its original shrink wrap! I am asking $300 or
 best offer.3) Tulia(A) (H5 Chondrite) -- Beautiful and standout solid, hefty 5mm thick Full slice (found in 1917) -- 462g -- $800.004) NWA 7654 (L5 Chondrite) -- Huge Full slice and only 3 or 4 were cut and polished like this -- really awesome medium gray specimen! (found in 2012) -- 492g -- $1,000.005) Sikhote-Alin (Iron, IIB) -- Very nice shrapnel gun metal blue specimen (Fall, Feb. 12, 1947) -- 552g -- $1,100.006) Juancheng (H5 Chondrite) -- Very nice rich black crusted fragmented specimen (Fall, Feb. 15, 1997) -- 264.7g -- $794.00 ($3.00/gram)7) Bilanga (Achondrite, Diogenite) -- Whole slice mounted in Riker mount display box, Bilanga possibly originated from asteroid Vesta 4 (Fall, Oct. 27, 1999) -- 4.1g -- $123.00 ($30/gram)8) NWA 5000 (Lunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite) -- Very thin part slice and highly brecciated, purchased directly from Greg Hupe -- 1.028g -- $308.00 ($300/gram)9) NWA 8632 (Lunar) -- Lunar Mare Basalt, end cut -- Porphyritic Text
ure, thin cut -- 1.24g -- $310.00 ($250.00/gram)10) Tissint (Martian, Shergottite) -- thin slice (22 x 21) with crust (Fall, July 18, 2011) -- 1.13g -- $339.00 ($300/gram)11) Gao-Guenie (H5 chondrite) VERY Gorgeous whole stone 100% rich, dark crust! (Fall, March 5, 1960) -- 530.9 grams -- $796.00 ($1.50/gram)12) NWA xxxx (unclassified stone) -- found in 2002 -- Very large heft solid whole specimen with rich patina -- 1,935 grams -- $967.50 ($0.50/gram)13) Mbale (L5/6, chondrite) -- Large surface area to weight slice with nice crusting and shock veins , mounted in a Ricker mount display box -- (Fall, Uganda, 8/14/1994) -- a boy was struck by a fragment of this Fall, and ground pieces of stone were ingested as a cure for AIDS! -- 5.2 grams -- $100.00 14) Holbrook (L/LL6, chondrite) -- "Holbrook Pea" (~ 6x6 mm) from Harvey H. Nininger collection mounted in Riker Mount display box (Fall, July 19,1912, Holbrook, AZ) -- $100.0015) Bassikounou (H5, chondr
ite) -- Very nice FULL slice with rich dark crust and some shock veining (Fall, 2006, Mauritania) -- 18.6 grams -- $65.00 ($3.50/gram)16) Murchison (CM2, carbonaceous chondrite) -- very thin slice (13.2mm x 20.5mm x 2 mm) mounted in nice display case with nicely printed information about Murchinson on the back (Fall, Sept. 28, 1969) -- 1.15 grams -- $57.50 ($50.00/gram)17) Beni M'Hira (L6, chondrite) -- Beautiful full slice with rick dark crust and shock veins! (Fall, Jan. 8, 2001, Tunisia) -- 17.41 grams -- $60.00 ($3.50/gram)18) Zag (H3-6, chondrite) -- Wonderful full slice with rick dark crust AND highly brecciated! (Fall, August 4, 1998) -- 86.6 grams -- $346.00 ($4.00/gram)
19) El Hammami (H5, chondrite) -- Very, very nice AND clean full slice ( read: NO RUST from Camel sweat during transport from strewn field like many pieces had happen), some nice black crust and metal veining! (Fell, August 10, 1997) -- 96 grams -- $192.00 ($2.00/gram)20) Bilanga (Diogenite, achondrite) -- Full slice with a tiny bit of crust. Possibly originated from asteroid 4 Vesta! (Fall, October 27, 1999) -- 4.1 grams -- $123.00 ($30.00/gram)Thanks for your time and interest!Best to all -MalIMCA #6819
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