[meteorite-list] possible Alabama lunar meteorite fall

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Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2018 19:31:22 +0000
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Hi Randy,

It hadn't been mentioned yet on the Met-List. I worked this fall last week (unaware
that Marc Fries had already done so), so the fortunate result of the independent
analysis is that two people came up with the same answer and the exact same
radar returns. (I also analyzed the Carrollton, AL, seismic station data which has
an unmistakable sonic boom just 106 seconds after the terminal burst of the
bolide.) I'm 100% sure these returns are associated with the fall since they are
practically colocated with the seismometer.

Upper atmospheric winds were high at the time of the fall -- jet stream was
about 125 knots blowing almost due east. This is why the Doppler radar
returns subsequent to the initial high-altitude westerb return at 15 km are
displaced to the east of it. At the altitudes below the 2.5-km altitude radar
cluster, the winds were below 30 knots and blowing more to the southeast
or ESE. This is supported by the small southeastward shift from the central,
linear-looking return, and the wider cluster to its lower right that was
scanned less than a minute later. The first place I would search would be
the southeast edge of the 2.5-km altitude cluster.

Unfortunately, this is a tough search area. --Rob
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If there has been discussion of this on the List, I missed it


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