[meteorite-list] Skull Carved Out of an Iron Meteorite

From: John Lutzon <jl_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 23:38:41 -0400
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Best regards List,

This thread teeters on several ideals.

The purest meteoritic may want to see Every
meteorite given to a museum or scientist to do the
same. I Agree. [Study and Preserve]

Finders, hunters, camel jockeys, girls in wheelchairs,
anyone who is lucky enough to make a Find--Kudos to you.
You will do what you wish with found meteorites.

Finders love what they're doing, dealers love it even more
and collectors love what they have (as I do).

But when someone tells me that They can "transform" a
4 Billion year old object into something that is now saleable
and if anyone disagrees with the shape or presentation it is
objectionable. I Disagree....

To me it is clear- if you're going to whore it out- don't complain
if someone presents a meteorite it in a different way.

I think that Skull is an Eternal piece of art.
Hopfully it will find its way into a museum.

John Lutzon
Received on Thu 13 Sep 2018 11:38:41 PM PDT

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