[meteorite-list] Graham Hancock’s "America Before" Released Today

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Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 18:05:56 -0500
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Today is the release day for Graham Hancock?s "America Before."
As Colavito notes, the book is less entertaining and much angrier than
his previous books. Although he devotes three chapters, Part VII,
 ?to the Younger Dryas, he has nothing new to add to what been
published except for some trash-talking about how narrow-minded
and petty that he feels orthodox / mainstream scientists are in
considering his ideas. Elsewhere he complains about western
scientists being too "materialistic" in their interpretation of

An excellent review of it is:

American Atlantis by Jason Colavito

A pre-view of this book is:

Pre-Review of ?America Before?-Graham Hancock?s Pre-Review
of ?America Before?-Graham Hancock?s New Pseudoscience
Carl Feagans, Pseudoarchaeology, New Pseudoscience, March 13, 2019

Also, Hancock talks about "America Before" in Joe Rogan
Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock." I have not listened
to it, so I don't know how he talks about his ideas about
the Younger Dryas impact.


Paul H.
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