[meteorite-list] LL3.00 very rare tape meteorite for sale - NWA 12692

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Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2019 01:46:08 +0200
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Dear Collectors, list Members!

NWA 12692 LL3.00 meteorite for sale !

The Meteoritical Bulletin has just released my new, very rare sub-sub-typed
LL3.00 meteorite today.
Thank you for Prof Carl Agee for the classification.

Name: NWA 12692
Type: LL3.00 , S3, W2
Found: in Mali, 2012
TKW: 373 gr (16 stones)

Here is the MetBull page of the NWA12692 LL3.00 meteorite:

Only 4 meteorites are known as LL3.00 !

There is an ultra rare type and scientifically very important because it is
the most primitive ordinary chondrite. Really not easy to obtain such type

See on the macro-photos the text-book like chodrulated surface with whole
chondrule tonnes and very few matrix. Its a unique chondrite for sure.



Main Mass:

2nd largest mass:

11.1 gr fragment:

Now I'm selling a few samples of this meteorite but the available quantity
is limited. Previously, such types of specimens were asked 500-2500 USD/gr,
but now my on sale price is 350-500 USD/gr, later it will probably be more
expensive. Shipping fee is 10 USD by Priority, Tracked Mail or for ask FedEx
(for your costs). I accept PayPal. They have cut by alcoholic cooling and
they will come in slicagel filled, closed collector box with IMCA numbered

Statrting prices now:

4.95 gr 1730 USD
3.9 gr 1365 USD
3.05 gr 1065 USD
2.85 gr 990 USD
1.9 gr 660 USD
1.7 gr 600 USD
1.12 gr 400 USD
1.1 gr 385 USD

2.95 gr 1030 USD
2.75 gr 960 USD
2.44 gr 850 USD
2.4 gr 840 USD
1.5 gr 525 USD
0.75 gr SOLD
0.21 gr 125 USD
0.085 gr 100 USD
0.077 gr 100 USD

11.1 gr whole piece - price on request
71.1 gr whole piece (2nd largest piece) - price on request
142.6 gr Main Mass whole piece - price on request

I attached a few macro-images of what's available, mostly slices and
I will make 5-6 Thin Sections on 600 USD/pcs in latest September/October
(reserve it).

If you interest each of them, please dont hesitate contact me in PM.

Zsolt Kereszty
IMCA#6251, IMO, MetSoc
Received on Sat 03 Aug 2019 07:46:08 PM PDT

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