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I will be in Tucson from February 2nd to February 10th. I can be found
at the Days Inn room 134 (Blaine Reed's Room). Some of my items will be
on display there.

Some of the items I will have with me:

*Odessa, Texas Slices 300 to 400 gram range & end piece

*Taza Whole 1136.0 gm
*Georgetown 26.2 gm
*Passamonte, NM 7.5 gm
*Gujba 68.9 gm
*Millillbillillie, Aust. 360.0 gm 100% crust
        *Wells, Tx
*Claxton, GA 2 - .41 gm macros
*Tagish Lake .138 gm
*Lost City, OK 6.7 gm
          Macros .98 & .48 gm
*Moss 1.18 gm
*Cape York 245.6 gm rectangular *Theil
Mountains, Ant 11.0 gm display *D'Orbigny,
Arg. 3.8 gm small ryker *Park Forest, IL
           23.0 gm small ryker *Johnstown, Co
     9.2 gm small ryker *Porttales Valley, NN
    48 gm small ryker *Bilanga 6.4
gm small ryker *Moorabie, Aust. 4 gm
small ryker *Kapoeta 1.04 gm
*Sahara 95097 3,800.0 gm
*Michigan Meteorite

Larger Iron Meteorites

*Odessa, TX 1680 gm
*Odessa, TX (large slices & end piece)

*Canyon Diablo 26.2 lbs
*Toluca, Mexico 17.0 lbs

Many other specimens

I will be away from the computer during the day until I get in at night.
I can be reached at 574-453-7285 for appointment to see items. I am
eager to deal so I hope to get one or several of my nice specimens in
your collection.
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