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Hi Randy and all,

How about the hypothesis that such Fe-rich (?) metallic spherules (from terrestrial origin) are formed through reduction of metallic magma by carbon stemming from very old deposits of shales and coals, as e.g. found in Greenland and elsewhere.

See this abstract (about DIsko Island Fe-rich deposits in Greenland) where analyses of selected siderophile elemental ratios had demonstrated that a meteoritic origin for the metallic iron must be excluded.


See also this series of images of metallic spheruls from other origins and compare:


I am not expert, just curious, as such spherules could be easily found upon panning gold in various rivers...


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I just received an email from a farmer with an Admire, Kansas, snail-mail address. He asks:

"A glass and metal laced boulder on my farm, sets on a pocket of powdered rock that contains hundreds of spherules per teaspoon of dust. Could this boulder be a piece of crust from the ill-fated young planet that contained the Admire pallasite? "

And he sent a fascinating batch of photos.


I don't know the answer to his question. Maybe some of you do.

Randy Korotev
St. Louis

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